Exorcism 81 – Family & Friends in the US and in Indonesia

A concern mother contacted me and asked if I can help her son B.

On Monday December 28, 2020 at 3 PM (California time) – First session of ruqyah done.  Jinn Sabur came up and talk to me.  A jealous person did something a year ago to prevent him to be success and not to get a good job.  A year ago was the last year of his law school.  His father is a good lawyer and B pursuing his degree to follow his father career.  After jinn Sabur took syahada, I told him to destroy the black magic then to convince other jinns that were still in B’s body to leave to go to Mecca.

On Tuesday December 29, 2020 at 2:30 PM (California time) – Second session of ruqyah done.  Jinn Bilal came up and talked to me.  He was sent to B about two years ago so that B is not going to be good with his life.  After I lectured the jinn, he agreed to take syahada then I told jinn Bilal to destroy the black magic then to convince other jinn to leave to go to Mecca.

On Thursday December 31, 2020 at 4:30 PM (California time) – Ruqyah on A done today.

I had helped A many times in the past and the most recent one was on November 19, 2020 when she was very sick, sweating a lot until her cloth was wet for no reason, very weak as if she does not have any energy, she couldn’t open her eyes which indirectly unable her to do anything.  She went to the doctor and everything was checked and her doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  Because I heard she was very sick, I called her and after she explained everything to me having gone to to many different doctors and spent lots of money for all the tests, I then told her OK let’s do the ruqyah and Alhamdulillah immediately after the ruqyah was done, she was fine, she easily open her eyes, her breathing was normal and she went to the kitchen to cook. Alhamdulillah I did ruqyah on her a again today, Lahawlaa Quwwata Illabillaah there was something again which was sent about two months ago.  Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me to help her, MasyaAllah.

On Friday January 1, 2021 at 6:30 AM (California time) – Ruqyah on RB done today.  I was referred by someone to help RB so I did.  RB is a Yamani guy who born and raised the entire life in Saudi and due to it is difficult to live in Saudi as non-Saudi citizen now days, so he went to Indonesia to live there.  Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an, RB started to make facial and body movement but when I tried to talk to the jinn, the jinn did not want to talk.  But jinn did take syahada even though at the beginning kind of refused reciting but he did it.  I can tell that this is going to be not an easy job but InsyaAllah Allah s.w.t. will cure him faster than I taught.

On Thursday January 7, 2021 afternoon – First session on F (sister of SS, Q & A 303) was done.  F lives in the East Coast.  Jinn Suraj came up and talked to me.  According to jinn Suraj, 35 years ago F pee on their foods when jinn Suraj and his family were gathering ready to eat.  Jinn Suraj said F went to the restroom and pee on his foods.  So I told jinn Suraj that it was not F mistake because we can’t see jinn and why he and his family having lunch in the restroom.  Then jinn Suraj said that it was not in the restroom, when F went overseas and while she was in the forest/park, she urged to pee so she peed while jinn Suraj and his family were there ready to eat.  So I told jinn Suraj that I would tell F about it, and please forgive her and leave her body.  I asked jinn Suraj how many jinns are there in F’s body.  Jinn Suraj said that he brought the entire family with him which is about 500 jinns.  After I lectured jinn Suraj, he agreed to leave F’s body and that I told him to bring all his family out too.  Before jinn Suraj leave F’s body, he said “can I say something first”  I said sure.  I did not know what he was going to tell me about so jinn Suraj said that there are other jinn inside F’s body too, they are not jinn Suraj’ family, they are other jinns that were sent by baji AG to her.  I then asked jinn Suraj why baji AG sent jinn to F for?  Jinn Suraj said that so that F will be nice to her and her children too.  I don’t understand what baji means so per google, baji means elder sister.  Baji in URDU is used for an elder sister or any woman elder than you . Word “Aapa” is also used for an elder female if a younger person calling / referring her .

On Monday January 11, 2021 afternoon – First session on N was done.  Jinn Sadaf came up and talked to me.  When I asked if he is the boss, jinn Sadaf said no, the boss is still inside N’s body in fact according to jinn Sadaf, the boss was trying to stop jinn Sadaf to come out to talk to me.  After I lectured him about why God created jinn and the hell fire, jinn Sadaf agreed to take syahada.  Then I told jinn Sadaf to call the boss to come out and talk to me, then I continue reciting but then jinn Sadaf came pu and said the boss reluctant to come out, the boss said I was just to going to trick him.  Then I told jinn Sadaf to tell the boss if he refuse to come out, I will burn it then I recited the verse of the hellfire over and over finally the jinn boss came up.  His name is jinn Fahim.  At first he reluctant even to talk to me but then after I told him about God, about hellfire, if he refuse to do the right thing God will put him in the hellfire etc., finally jinn Fahim agreed to take syahada.  Then I told both jinn Fahim and jinn Sadaf to destroy the black magic and after destroying the black magic to convince other jinns to leave N’s body and to go to Mecca.  The jinns were sent a year ago to make N to be unsuccessful, to be lazy, to be not happy reading Qur’an and to pray.  Alhamdulillah both jinns, jinn Sadaf, jinn Fahim and other jinn left N’s body.

On Thursday January 14, 2021 afternoon – Second session on N was done.  First jinn Saima came up and talked to me.  She was sent about one year ago to make N’s life difficult.  There were 25 other jinns along with jinn Saima.  After all the 26 jinns took syahada, I told jinn Saima to call other jinn from different group, then jinn Sabur came up and talked to me.  Jinn Sabur also was sent to her about a year ago to destroy her life.  There were fifty jinns that was sent to N along with jinn Sabur, so after jinn Sabur the other jinns took syahada, I told both jinn Saima and jinn Sabur to take their groups to leave and to go to Mecca, then they left.

I did it again after the above session, jinn Hakim came up and talked to me.  This jinn Hakim was sent to N five months ago to make her to have a hard life, hard to earn money etc.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Hakim took syahada then he left N’s body.

On Thursday January 14, 2021 afternoon – Second session on F (sister of SS, Q & A 303) was done.  Jinn Fatima came up and talked to me.  Jinn Fatima was sent to F when she was teenager to make F run away from home, not doing good in school and to destroy her life.  There were ten jinns total with jinn Fatima, so I told jinn Fatima to tell the other to come forward and to take syahada with me.  After all the ten jinns and jinn Fatima took syahada, I asked if there are still other jinn inside F’s body, jinn Fatima said no, Alhamdulillah.  Jinn Fatima and other jinn left F’s body and went to Mecca.


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