Exorcism 84 – Ms. A’s mother, I, the lady from Sudan

On Friday January 29, 2021, I was visiting a friend, Ms. A, who lives in my neighbor and she told me that her mother who lives in Sudan was here at her home.  She went to the room to tell her mother to meet me.  I got to know Ms. A when I was working at the daycare.  After I retired, I was bored staying at home everyday so I found me a part time job just to kill time to have fun with children so I can be busy again.  At the daycare, there were few teachers who worked with me, and somehow after a while, I was known that I can make hyperactive children behave better especially during the nap time.  After lunch time was a nap time for every children to be on their bed, most children were OK but there were few children, they were not only couldn’t fall asleep but they were also destructing other children.  One five-year-old Muslim boy always refused to lay down so he always just sit down on the chair.  I started my shift at noon right the beginning of nap time.  Every children were on their bed so I went to this boy and told him that he did not have to sleep if he did not want too, but it would be better for him to lay down on his bed because sitting doing nothing for two hours can be tiring for him.  I held his hand, and walked with him to his bed.  Again, I repeated told him not to go to sleep, just lay down.  So I too lay down on the carpet next to his bed, I folded my jacket to be my pillow, then with a very low voice like whispering I recited Al-Fatihah.  Suddenly this Muslim boy turned his face toward me and asked “how do you know Al-Fatihah?”  I did not respond but I put my pointing finger on my mouth telling me to be quiet (using sign language) and I continued reciting and within just a few minutes this boy fell asleep which made other teachers surprised because this boy known never take a nap.

There was another three-year-old boy who was also very hyperactive.  This boy’s parents were in jail and the boy is under the State custody.  This boy had temper and in fact there was no teacher can handle him during the nap time even the director.  One time when the director was trying to make this boy to sleep, this boy bite the director’s hand.  Subhanallah, I did not know why this boy was OK with me.  So even the social worker came to check on this boy, the director said only Ms. H who can handle him and listen to me, subhanallah.

Ms. A then found out that I do recite some sura with low voice during the nap time while I sat next to the boy, so no other boys heard it.  But because saying  أستغفر الله   …  لَا حَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِٱللَّٰهِ … is just my nature thing of saying when I see the boy jumping around wouldn’t listen etc., so even some children repeated what I say, because I was saying it often, so children were so funny when I told the children to line up for the head count and some children were just couldn’t stay still, other children would say  أستغفر الله so I even surprised hearing it from the children.  Ms. A’s mother is the same age of me, 67 years old, so she consider I am like her mother.  She has share story etc., so I told her that I do ruqyah.  She then said oh later if my mother comes again she will tell her mother about me.  So when I met her mother, for some reason I have the urge to ruqyah her mother then so I told Ms. A if I can take wudu, Ms. A said “are you going to do ruqyah now?”  I said may be just to check so after I took wudu, I started reciting and I noticed her body was jolting a few times but no jinn came up but I do think there is jinn inside her mother.  So I told Ms. A I will text her something for her to do for her mother.

On Friday january 29, 2021 – ruqyah.net wrote:

Please do this.  Recite the following on the salt (coarse sea salt or Himalayan salt) then keep blowing it into the salt.  Then every morning before drink or eat anything pour hot water in a cup then put a little of recited salt in it to drink.  You can use the same water to mop the floor, spraying in the house, as long as not to pour the water in the toilet or drainer/sink.

7 X – AlFatihah, 1 X – First 5 ayats of AlBaqarah, 7 X Ayatul Qursi, and 1 X the last 3 ayats of AlBaqarah.

A wrote:   “Thank you💕”

On Saturday January 30, 2021 at 8:27 AM – I wrote to Ms. A

Alhamdulillah I included your mom in my doa’ this morning.  Don’t forget to give your mom before she drink or eat anything in the morning give her hot/warm water that has a tiny recited salt in it to drink.  Remember to recite basmallah & ayat Qur’si before she drinks it.  Not too much salt so the water is not going to be too salty.  How was her sleeping last night after the short quick ruqyah session.  Ma’assalama

At 10:19 AM – Ms. A wrote:

جزاك اللهُ‎

On Friday February 5, 2021 at 7:31 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Assalamualaikum good morning, please check your email, I just sent you email.  Wassalam

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 07:25:57 AM PST – ruqyah.net wrote:

Assalamualaikum Ms. A, yesterday morning when I tried to make doa’ for your mother, I did to a few other patients no problem but subhanallah yesterday morning, when I tried to recite Amana Rasul with the intention for your mother by me looking at your mother’s picture, subhanallah, I was not able to recite the Amana Rasul, I tried it a few times, I couldn’t do it because I forgot.  Actually I just recited the same a few times for other patients with no problem, so I grabbed the Qur’an that was next to me, I opened up and started reciting by reading it.  Yes, some time it happened when I did ruqyah, even the simple sura or verses disappeared from my mind because the jinn in the patient was preventing me to do it.
So yesterday afternoon (on Thursday February 4, 2021) when I had session with the lady in New York, who is sensitive and so easy to get possessed, I told her of what happened I couldn’t recite Amana Rasul without reading it from the Qur’an when I was making doa’ for your mother.
When I was done doing ruqyah, the lady the one who asked me and suggested about your mother, she said let’s check it out so I did.  As soon as I recite something by showing your mother picture to her, the lady got possessed than I asked what’s he name etc.
The jinn Salma or Salima came up from your mother’s body and went to the lady who is sensitive in New York.
According to jinn Salma, the jinn was in your mother’s body five years to make her life measurable.  When I asked why, the jinn said because she is not sharing her money with them.  Then I asked again, she is not working, how she gives money if she is not working.  The jinn said everybody in America has money.  So it is people hasad back home, but Wallahu ‘Alam.
I did record the conversation with the jinn and I can share it with you for you to listen but just don’t put it on-line.  If you see the video and when I said Salma stop stop that was when the jinn was moving aggressively because the jinn upset I captured her.  It’s funny when I asked jinn Salma that this morning I couldn’t recite Amana Rasul, the jinn said jinn Salma who stopping me reciting.  Wassalam
At 7:53 AM – Ms. A wrote:
“Thank you subhan allah”
At 7:59 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Did you listen to the video?  Did you tell your mom?
At 8:11 AM – Ms. A wrote:
“I did see the video  yes 👍
Am going to  جزاك اللهُ”
At 8:30 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
How she feels now?  Because she is NOT completely cleaned yet there are still some in her body.
Remember Ms. A I did not have my intention to do Ruqyah using the lady in NY, I was just going to do it alone by making doa’ I know the process is going to take very long time and the faster way biiznillah is Ruqyah directly.
So yesterday I was just sharing with her that I couldn’t recite Amana rasul when I did to your mom, do the lady in N.Y. is very nice lady, my former patient a few years ago, when I saw her your mom’s picture, she was the one told me let’s do her.  I felt sorry because when I did your mom, she was really jumping violently to right to the left it was really like doing exercise she must be very tired.  But I am glad too I really hope she feels better and cured.
At 3:05 PM – Ms. A wrote:
Subhan allah.  “Thank you so much sister💕”
At 5:33 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Ms. A, I need to know how is your mom progress?  Is she feel better?  Or any different then before?
At 5:39 PM – Ms. A wrote;
Yes she is.  For 2 days now she eat better, walking on the street.”
At 5:44 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Alhamdulillah, ok if that is the case, can she be on-line with me on Monday between 3 & 4 PM so InsyaAllah Allah will make us easier to remove all the remaining jinns.
Please tell her to make doa’ for my children, Allah gives all my children hidayah, my daughter in-law H and my son Abdullah good until death due them part, their marriage barokah, healthy, if Allah give them children, they have good healthy and good Muslim children, Aamiin.
At 5:49 PM – Ms. A wrote:
I did  told her.  😍she will do that
She had an appointment on Monday at 1:45 not sure if we finished early but I will let you know.”
At 6:04 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
“Ok. 💕”
At 9:12 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Ms. A, actually yesterday I did it twice.  First one with my patient the one in Canada and this video is when I did with the patient in Canada.  So the voice is the patient’s voice but I was talking to it and follow what it says.  InsyaAllah Allah cured your mother soon.
At 9:17 PM – Ms. A wrote:

“💯inshallah I will listen to it morning.”

On Monday February 8, 2021 – follow up ruqyah for the 2nd time was done on Ms. A’ mother.  Shortly after I recited the mediator got possessed but the jinn that came up couldn’t understand English.  Actually in the past I had dealt with the jinn that were speak other language other than English by making doa’ for jinn to be able to understand and speak English.  But when I did that when I was working directly to just one patient so I solely dedicated my time to that one patient.  But on this session, I was using the meditation and there were few patients I was working on so I did not want to spend longer time if it is not necessary, so I tried calling Ms. A to be the translator.  My first call to Ms. A was unanswered then so I tried calling her again for the second time and when Ms. A answered my phone, she said she was cooking and her daughter holding the phone for her.  So I explained to her that I needed her to be the translator, I was doing ruqyah on her mother, by that time it took a few minutes past, I was not talking to the jinn the one in the mediator, and the jinn couldn’t understand me, so the jinn left.  So when I got Ms. A ready to translate for me, the jinn left and the mediator resume conscious.  So I recited again and another jinn came up.  So I told Ms. A to question the jinn by me speaking English and Ms. A translating it to talk to the jinn but came to find out this second jinn that came up understand English so I started to talk to the jinn directly while Ms. A was watching on video call.  Jinn Balgis said the same thing to make Ms. A feels measurable, sick, etc. because of hasad, subhanallah.  Alhamdulillah we did remove a few jinns and told those jinns to go to Mecca.

On Thursday February 25, 2021 – Third ruqyah session on Ms. A’ mother by using mediator sister SS.  Shortly recited verses of Qur’an, jinn Khultum came up and talked to me.  Since I already know the reason of this is out of jealousy, as soon as jinn Khultum came up, I thanked her for coming out and talked to me.  Jinn Khultum took syahada then I told her to convince other jinns to leave Ms. A’s mother body.  According to jinn Khultum, about 500 jinns wanted to leave so they all went to Mecca.
Ms. A was thanking us because  her mother feels much better and can walk easier then prior to ruqyah.  She wrote:  “may Allah reward you with Janah and give  you a blessing 🙏 and all your family and your kids

Same to sister SS and her family 💕”


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