Exorcism 88 – M in the Bay Area of San Francisco

“Al Salam alikum …. hope all is well … ruqia needed for one lady and she will do it on whatsapp … and I will be in the masjid too.  Thank you please let me know your availability.”   Text from Khalid on Monday March 14, 2021 at 2:42 PM

ruqyah.net wrote:  Ok InsyaAllah is she free any time, we can do it at 11 AM tomorrow InsyaAllah.

Khalid wrote:  “How about Wednesday @ 2….tomorrow there is filming 🎥in the masjid.”

At 6:30 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Sure let’s do it on Wednesday at 2 InsyaAllah.

On Wednesday March 27, 2021 at 2 PM – First ruqyah session on M was done at the masjid.  M was referred to me by Khalid and because I do have scheduled to perform another ruqyah with the lady in New York at 3, so I did not have time to find out what is wrong with M and why she needed to have ruqyah done on her.  She arrived at the masjid a few minutes late so I immediately started the ruqyah on M via WhatsApp.  M did not get possessed right away not until approximately 20 minutes after I recited verses of Qur’an when I noticed there was something in her.  As soon as I noticed there is jinn in her, I started to ask questions to find out of the jinn’s name, how long the jinn has been in her body and why but the jinn was answering repeatedly “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember”  so I told the jinn to repeat after me to recite syahada and the jinn did.  Even after the inn recited syahada, the jinn was still refused answering my questions.  So I asked if the jinn is male or female?  The jinn then said “Male” but I think M was not completely unconscious because she said she sees a scary man figure.  So I told the jinn since the jinn did not remember it’s name so I offered to give name Ali and the jinn agreed.  Alhamdulillah jinn Ali did talk to me but still did not remember when he was sent to M and why.  So I told jinn Ali that I would recite something and for him to check if there is sihr/black magic in M. While I was reciting I notice jinn Ali was holding M’s head and the back of her shoulder so I told jinn Ali to destroy the sihr.  I then repeatedly reciting verses to destroy sihr but then somehow her camera was in pouse position so I couldn’t see the jinn for  while so I kept on calling Khalid to check for me but I think because it was M’s cell phone and Khalid was not able to fix the phone, suddenly M resumed conscious and the jinn Ali was gone.

I asked M if she remember anything or anything she wanted to tell me.  She said that there was a scary guy and also two other guys but also she saw snake.  So I told M to start the ruqyah again.  Shortly after I recited, I called jinn Ali and he did answer me so I asked jinn Ali if the sihr has already been destroyed or still need time to continue destroying, jinn Ali said it has been destroyed.  So I told jinn Ali to call other jinn to come up and to talk to me before jinn Ali leave M’s body to go to Mecca.

Another jinn came out but again, this second jinn also did not want to tell me his name, how long he has been in M’s body, shy he is there, this second jinn kept on saying I don’t remember and I don’t know.  So I told the second jinn to raise both hand to make doa’ for him to repeat after me.  Ya Allah, please forgive me, Ya Allah, please give me hidayah, Ya Allah, please make it easy for me to leave M’s body.  After the second jinn recited syahada, I offered to give hm the name Umar and he agreed.  I told jinn Umar that Allah created jinn and human being to live free and not to be in M and not to be the slave of the magician so I Suggested for him to go to Mecca but before leaving M’s body, I told him to check if there is still remaining sihr in her body and jinn Umar said all has been destroyed so I think jinn Ali did a good job destroying it.  Then I told jinn Umar to go to Mecca.  When M resumed conscious, M said that she feels good, she feels light and thanking me for the ruqyah.  Because It has already 15 minutes past 3, and actually my session with the lady in New York was supposed to be to start at 3, so I did have any time to question her or to talk to her, I excuse myself to get off the phone.

At 7:04 PM – ruqyah.net wrote to M:

I tried calling you because sorry earlier I couldn’t talk to you.  So call me when you are free ok.

M wrote:

“Ok I will”



Posted on March 14, 2021 at 2:42 pm

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