Exorcism 90 – E in Prague, Czech Republic

E has always been in my mind which I wanted to help.  E is very nice lady whom I got to know her for a few years when she was immigrated in the U.S. more than fifteen years ago.  As soon as I met her, somehow I feel connected and I feel like I have known her for many years.  I can sit with her to talk and talk and talk all day long even though she is about thirty years younger than me, somehow we both have so much in common.  I had travelled overseas with her to the far east visiting Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia just the two of us for three weeks.  She married an American guy and I believe both are very good match but  unfortunately a couple ended up being separated by divorce due to the interfering of the unseen.  لَا حَوْلَ وَلَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِٱللَّٰهِ …

Actually I had ruqyah E’s husband shortly after E immigrated in to the U.S. both E and her husband came to my house.  I made two cups of tea for them, I gave one cup to E and placed another cup the one for her husband on the table because I was going to do ruqyah on him.  We were all in living room, E sat on the couch, her husband sat on the carpet facing the kiblat and I also on the floor right by her husband.  At that time I was just started doing ruqyah so I did not have many experience and when I started doing ruqyah, there were not many people knew about it and there were not many information about ruqyah online yet not like nowadays Alhamdulillah.  So shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an, my throat started to itch, felt like to cough, and like kind of to be choked so I grabbed the tea the one I made for E’s husband and drank the tea thinking it will make me feel better so I can continue but it did not help so I continued reciting with the difficulty and I did it till the end.  When I finished, I suggested to them that I would do follow up ruqyah and I can go to their place too and they agreed.  I did not think anything about E being possessed but I thought was her husband because he is a very smart guy, graduated with an Engineering degree from U.C. Berkeley and Master degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University but to my observation, there was something blocking him to success.  There were a group of IT individuals who worked in Silicon Valley whom interested on one of his ideas for started Company, they were conducted numbers of meeting in which gradually ended up die off and end of it.  Then he came up with another idea in which according many educated individuals who heard about it said it was a very good idea so he and one of his friends worked together as partner and worked on the project for a few years but gone nowhere too.  Those were just two  examples of many ideas he came up with.  If I am not mistaken and if I remembered correctly, he even had patent on one of his ideas but whatever he tried even he was working hard on it none went through سبحان الله the good think is he is not a lazy person, he always never give up easily, and his consistency pursuing anything he worked on helped him still able to earn living and made his ends meet ما شاء الله ‎

The follow up ruqyah was done in their apartment.  Shortly after I arrived in their apartment, E excused herself and left the apartment.  At that time I did not think anything about it because I need to do ruqyah on her husband so she can go and no need to be around.  This time, the second time ruqyah on her husband, I did not feel anything at all and he did not have any reaction at all too even after I recited for a long time.  I found it out a few months later that E was also a victim of sihr so the reason my throat itch etc was because E was sitting on the couch very close to where I was and because the session was done in my house, so she was just sitting and did not go anywhere so the jinns the one inside her must have gotten irritated or burning wanted me to stop reciting.

To make a long story short, I heard from her husband that a healthy 22 years old lady was experiencing with many kind of sicknesses and taking all kind of medicines but she was find before he married her.  Immediately after they got married, her behavior was changed, at night during their bedtime, every single night, she always having breathing problem, and one morning when her husband went to the bathroom, he found out E was laying down unconscious with her eyes completely white (the eyeballs were gone, disappeared) in the bathroom floor so he panicked did not know what to do, he tried to shake her to wake her up, she did not respond, he threw water by splashing water on her face while calling her name but she was not responding either so he called 911 and the paramedic took her and her husband to the hospital.  The doctor revoked her driver license until further evaluation of her sickness because the doctor afraid if she has seizure it can be very dangerous for her to drive.  They have two cars but after that incident, her husband is the one to take her back and forth to her work.  A few months later the doctor issued a letter for the DMV to re-issue her another driver license because the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her.  But there seemed to be many dramas in their marriage life and according to her husband, he was freaked out when seeing F unconscious on the floor, he was thinking his wife was dead, how the hell if he has to call her parents in Prague and tell her parents that their daughter is dead etc.

E went back home to Prague to visit her parents.  One day when I was on my way home from work, while I was driving, I received a phone call from E in Prague.  She told me that her mother noticed her being so sad, being different, her aura was not like what her mother knows of her, and she stayed in her room all the times, so her mother went to someone and shared the story of what had been happening with E to that person.  According to E, that person told her mother that there was black magic done on her to separate her marriage.  I was talking with her for approximately 45 minutes so when I was done talking with her, I called her husband and told him about my conversation with her a few minutes prior.  I knew he loves her very much, she is a very good lady, so I told him to try to seek help first by having a good experience raqi to do the ruqyah on her and he agreed.  When I got home, I shared the story with my husband and my husband thought it was a good idea too.  So I called Syech Usman who live in Oakland at that time and told him about the situation of E and her husband.  Syech Usman said OK and he told me that he charges $300 person per session and for both E and her husband would be $600 and if they agreed with that price, Syech Usman said to tell her husband not to tell her anything about ruqyah, when he picks her up from the airport, just go straight to my house and just tell her that I was inviting them for dinner.  Both E and her husband happened arrived at my house first before Syech Usman so we were talking nicely but as soon as Syech Usman arrived at my house, unbelievable I noticed that E was back and forth going to the restroom and if she was sitting in the living room, she seemed to be unconvertible so Syech Usman turned on the audio of recitation of the Qur’an in the living room then she started to get possessed.  Syech Usman then walked up close to where E was and started to communicate with the jinn the one inside E.  Subhanallah her husband witnessed the entire conversation and I noticed her husband’s face and eyes expression was like in shocked because E was not her, she was acting weird and was talking with her eyes closed etc. the person who did black magic on E was a married guy from Saudi who was working for the Saudi Embassy in Prague and his wife was in Saudi.  So this guy had proposed to marry her before but she refused because he was a married guy.  Then when he found out that E was going to get married, the guy told E that he has a holly water to give her for her to take shower with so that that guy can forget about her.  So E told her husband to be at that time about the water and her husband said it’s ok sure go ahead.   Both E and her husband to be at that time did not have any knowledge about black magic, they were still too naive so I believe that water has something on it, الله أعلم .. Wallahu ‘Alam……أستغفر الله E looked so exhausted when the ruqyah session was done.

The next day her husband called me and said she looks normal just the way he knew about her before they got married, but that was only good for a few days.  So he remembered the past incident when E was unconscious in the bathroom etc, so he really had trauma and afraid if it happened again or even getting worse than the past incident, so then they ended up separated.  E moved out and lived as roommate at her friend’s place.  E then moved back to Prague and few years later her father passed away. إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎  I have not been in contact with her but she is always in my mind which I don’t know why, سبحان الله so I really wanted to help her.  She converted to Islam about three years before she married an American guy so I hope Allah gives her strength, strong iman, healthy etc., aamiin

Luckily I just got a new patient D who lives in Modesto and after many sessions I ruqyah D, she started to get possessed.  Alhamdulillah because the best way for me to help my patient is when the patient get possessed.  So the first a few times when I did ruqyah on D, I just did on D then after a few times, I tried to do ruqyah D’s husband A by using D as the mediator.  Then I tried to ruqyah my other patient W who couldn’t get possessed and D agreed to help me doing ruqyah for my other patient and use her as the mediator, so today, I did E who is now lives in Prague by using her picture.

On Wednesday May 19, 2021 – First ruqyah session done on E.  Alhamdulillah, shortly after I recited, mediator D got possessed and I started to communicate with the jinn the one from E went to D.  Jinn Ibrahim was from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and he along with 21 other jinns were sent to E seven weeks ago.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Ibrahim recited syahada, he along with 21 other jinns left E’s body and went to Mecca.  Alhamdulillah.  I told D if she doesn’t mind, each time I do ruqyah on D and her husband to do E, بإذن الله I really hope  إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ Allah s.w.t. cured E from all kind of sicknesses and from all kind of black magic, hasad, evil eyes, envy etc., aamiin

On Thursday May 20, 2021 – Second ruqyah session done on E.  Jinn Maria along with 17 other jinns were sent to her from Saudi by the man’s father to make her crazy and to make her like him.  Mediator D is very difficult to understand when she possessed, the mediator’s head couldn’t stay still and when she speaks with very low voice and difficult to completely understand what the jinn was trying to say.  So I kind of trying to put the sentence together to make me understand in which actually it does not matter because my goal is to get the jinn leave the patient’s body.  After jinn Maria recited syahada, she along with the 27 other jinns left her body and went to Mecca.

On Tuesday June 1, 2021 – Third ruqyah session done on E.  A christian jinn Michael came out and said there was some one who like her and did the black magic on her two weeks ago.  Alhamdulillah after I lectured jinn Michael about the purpose of why God created jinn and human etc., he agreed to recite syahada then he along with 13 other jinns left E’s body.

On Wednesday June 2, 2021 – Fourth ruqyah session done on E.  According to jinn Sara, she was sent by  the magician one week ago.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Sara recited syahada, she along with 17 other jinns left E’s body.

On Wednesday June 16, 2021 – Fifth ruqyah session done on E.  According to jinn Lucas, about two weeks ago the magician sent jinn Lucas to make her confuse by some one who live close by.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Lucas recited syahada, he along with a few other jinns left E’s body.

On Thursday June 17, 2021 – Sixth ruqyah session done on E.  According to jinn Michael, he was sent to E by the magician nine (9) days ago to make her confused.  Subhanallah when we did this ruqyah on E, the back of the mediator felt very hot, سبحان الله , Alhamdulillah after jinn Michael recited syahada, he along with a few other jinns left E’s body.

On Monday June 21, 2021 – 7th ruqyah session done on E.  According jinn Muhammad, he was sent by the magician seven (7) days ago.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Muhammad recited syahada, he along with a few other jinns left E’s body.

On Wednesday June 30, 2021 – 8th ruqyah session done on E.  Alhamdulillah after jinn Mario recited syahada, he along with a few other jinns left E’s body.




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