Q & A 291 – From M in California

M is a friend of my former patient F (Q & A # 142 February 12, 2014).  F called me and asked if I can help her friend M who has been having all kind of sickness but no doctor can figure it out the problem.  Some of what M experience were stomach ache, feeling gush bump flowing from her lower back to the neck, pressure in her head, dizzy, smelling dead mouse comes and goes but no dead mouse found any where.  All kind of medical procedures done but doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her even the doctor puzzled because the test result was she is in a good health but having all kind of this sickness.   Last night F called me and told me that she had given her friend M my number hoping I can help.  This morning after talking to M, I suggested for her to listen to the audio I have on ruqyah.net first.

On Friday, May 12, 2017 1:46 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

M, try to listen to the link below.  First listen to the first link.  You sit down while listening and pay attention to your body.  If there is any reaction such as feel don’t want to listen to it, force yourself to listen and if you feel something numbness in part of your body, headache, or anything do not afraid because nothing is going to hurt you by just listening to ti.  You can report it back tome.  If you don’t have any reaction for the first time listening to it, try to listen again and again.  Hopefully if the problem is not severe, the thing that bothering you can just left your body.  Please keep me posted.  Good luck.

You can go to my website ruqyah.net and you can find the same link above in that website.  Click the prayer in the home page, you will fine the above links.
You can also forward this email to your husband and he can do the same.  Let me know OK.


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