Q & A 293 – From WH in New York City

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته

H, Ramadam Mubarak and hope you are doing well. There is someone asking for your contact for ruqyah . Can I share your contact?  Abu Z wrote – Sent from my iPhone on June 3, 2017 at 2:27 PM

At 8:21 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Sure no problem, Ramadan Mubarak to you too.  Wassalam

At 9:31 PM – WH wrote:

“Salam w, are u Tante H”

ruqyah.net wrote:

Yes, I am Tante H who is this, sorry I don’t recognize your #

WH wrote:

“I’m WH I got ur number from brother Zaid I saw ur website regarding ruqya.”

At 11:46 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

If you still up not sleeping you can call me in about 15 minutes OK.

On Sunday June 4, 2017 at 7:11 AM – WH wrote:

“Sorry I’m 3 hours difference.  I’m from California but stay in NYC.”

At 11:42 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

How can I help you with?

WH wrote:

“U wanted to call me  To talk”

ruqyah.net wrote:

No, the best time to talk is when I am commute to and from work so InsyaAllah I will call you later when I am leaving for work in 3 hours insyaAllah.

WH wrote:

“OK in sha allah.  Jazakallah khair”

I, ruqyah.net, talked to WH on the phone and seems to be based on the story and the problem WH is having, subhanallah, I believe there is something that is trying to influence him to have a bad marriage.  This is WH’s second marriage and he has a infant child.  Because not only right now is Ramadan (I don’t do ruqyah in the month of Ramadan) and also since WH in New York and I am in California, I suggested for him to listed to “advice to djin” audio available in ruqyah.net and let me know his experience after listening to the audio.

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017 6:33 PM – WH wrote:

“Walkum same feeling sometimes sometimes some numbness and up and down butterflies feelings”

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017 7:50 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Good so it is confirmed there is something.  InsyaAllah Allah cure you soon.  What you should do next is listen to the next audio “ruqyah to burn djinn”  Do the same by first take wudu, sit down facing the kiblat and when you feel the numbness and up and down butterflies feelings, talk to the jinn as if you are talking to another person, tell the jinn to leave your body NOW otherwise you are going to keep on turning this audio to burn the jinn.  Tell the jinn that once the jinn is burned, the jinn will die, and it is too late for the jinn to ask forgiveness from Allah but this is the time for the jinn to stop what he/she/they is/are doing now.  Allah will forgiven the jinn if the jinn sincerely ask Allah and not to go back to any human body.  WH, you need to certainly believe that Allah will help you.  There is no other power stronger than the power of Allah.  Please do not listen to this near your baby (child) because minor child is sensitive.  Please keep me posted. Wassalam

On Friday, June 23, 2017 2:14 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Alhamdulillah Ramadan is almost over, we hope Allah swt accept all our deed we do in this Ramadan, aamiin.  InsyaAllah will let you know soon when we are going to work on you because we can do only but so much and there are many patients we have been treating and some of which are still undergoing the treatment.  Remember the cure is strictly from Allah Subhana Wa Taala (swt), and some cases are severe which requires many sessions.  We need you also to make an afford to do part what you have to do and ask allah swt to cure you.  What we normally do is to have patient to recite AlFatihah for minimum of an hour by first take wudu first, sit down or lay down facing the kiblat and keep reciting.  Since I am working everyday and my days off is on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Wednesday I am teaching Qur’an and doing my only day off for my house chore, we do ruqyah on Tuesday and we do this remote ruqyah using the mediator three Tuesday a month.  So please be patient insyaAllah if Allah swt thinks it is the time for you to be cured, insyaAllah Allah will cure you soon.

On Monday, June 26, 2017 9:36 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

InsyaAllah tomorrow will be the first session to work on so please recite lots of AlFatihah especially between 1 and 2 PM your time and ask Allah for you to be cured soon, insyaAllah.  Wassalam
On Tuesday, June 27, 2017 2:15 AM – WH wrote:
“Ok in sha allah with the permission of allah swt and the help and cure of allah how many people have u helped with the help of allah swt this way?”

On June 28, 2017 at 1:27 PM – WH wrote:

“Salam w I sent u a email and I order ur book just now”

On June 29, 2017 at 6:17 PM – WH wrote:

“Salam w I sent u email plz check thz”

On June 30, 2017 at 12:26 PM – WH wrote:

“U got it?”

At 12:27 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Yes sorry didn’t get a change to reply yet was super busy at work with delayed flight got home at 3:45 this morning after fajar went to sleep now my grand children are visiting still very busy.

At 12:28 PM – WH wrote:

“Ok no problem”

On July 3, 2017 at 11:47 AM – WH wrote:

“Salam w the book u guys sent is not in English it’s a different language”

At 11:48 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Sorry can you return it?  It’s written in 3 languages Spanish, Indonesian and English.  First I wrote it in English then I had some Spanish patients and my employee encouragement to translate to Spanish I paid some one to translate then my two Spanish employees reviewed it and done.  Which one did you get?

At 11:55 AM – WH wrote:

“I think Indonesian.  Yes I can send back send me English version!”

“Ok I’ll order new book and give this one back when I come and plz read my new email thx”

On Friday July 7, 2017 at 2:21 PM – WH wrote:

“Salam w I sent u emails thx”

At 6:12 PM – WH wrote:


On Saturday July 8, 2017 at 12:05 PM – WH wrote:

“U got my email?  Thx”

On Saturday July 8, 2017 at 1:39 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Yes I did thanks but sorry couldn’t reply has no time at all right now Alhamdulillah just got back from gym (24 hours fitness) will pray dzuhur then go to work InsyaAllah until 1 or 2 perhaps longer if there is delay flight Alhamdulillah

At 1:41 PM – WH wrote:

“Can u call me when u are on ur way to work thx”

On Wednesday July 12, 2017 at 2:15 PM – WH wrote:

“U got my email thx Salam w”

On Thursday July 13, 2017 at 3:27 PM – WH wrote:

“Can u plz call me since ur off today if u get a chance if not it’s ok I understand ur busy thx again for ur help with the help of allah swt may allah swt reward u”

On Friday July 14, 2017 at 3:07 PM – WH wrote:

“I send u email plz check and if possible on way to work call me if u have time if not plz check email thx bye”

On Tuesday July 18, 2017 at 3:00 PM – WH wrote:

“U got my message”

On Tuesday July 18, 2017 at 4:32 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Where did you send it through?  My cell ph?  Email or what no I don’t have it

At 4:33 PM – WH wrote:


At 4;35 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Yes you wrote “U get my message I got my ticket Alhamdulillah”  Is that what you mean?  yes I have read it so InsyaAllah see you tomorrow night ok

At 4;40 PM – WH wrote:

“Ok in sha allah thx”

On Tuesday at 5:53 PM – WH wrote:

“U know what are is good for hotel”

At 6 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Until a year ago, I live in Pacifica for almost 30 years which is about 10 minutes to SFO, 7 minutes to my friend’s place in Daly City where I teach every Wednesday evening.  So I do know the area well, Alhamdulillah they are good areas.  My suggestion is to google up where is the cheapest room/night because that’s what I do when I need a hotel anywhere always pick the cheapest one because just to sleep.  I just googled up woooow it’s too expensive near Daly City Area, are you going to rent a car right?  If so why don’t you google up to find reasonable motel 6 or Travelodge or any cheap hotel any where in the Bay Area.

WH wrote:

“Yea I’m gonna rent a car from San Jose Budget ! And yea I’m looking for a hotel there so expensive sf area wow”

“Because I’m landing in San Jose”

ruqyah.net wrote:

I hope you can find the reasonable price what time your flight arriving?  Are you traveling alone or with your family?

WH wrote:


“My wife and kid are coming to southern call friday”

“Ur son emailed to meet me Thursday”

“Yea ticket was expensive and car”


ruqyah.net wrote:

My son Abdullah works and he gets home at 7 PM so where are you going to meet him at?  I work on Thursday too and I can’t see you on Thursday I can only see you on Wednesday night in Daly City may be I can ask my son if he can meet you tomorrow night instead so only stay one night in the Bay Area.  Are you renting the car one way so you drive to Southern cal or?  Sorry  WH, I always prepared and planed thing to be better used our time and $.  May be I can ask my son to come to Daly City because he works on that side.

WH wrote:

“Yes I’m renting car to drive back to southern cal and I asked him he said he’s busy and that u guys are there till late so what ever is for best for all sides alhamdulillah”

“My friend lives in sf may be if I stay with him then I’ll be ok so I’ll let u know tomorrow in sha Allah”

ruqyah.net wrote:

Just txt my son and yes my son is going to come tomorrow night after work I am happy if you can stay at your friend’s house because it’s too expensive the hotel or since you are alone perhaps you can find a hastal like motel for students the one a few guys in a room so cheaper because I always feel bad if some one just to come see me if will cost the person too much.  What ever the best InsyaAllah.

WH wrote:

“Jazakallah khair may allah swt reward ur kindness and help and generosity I feel like I’m talking to my mom when I txt or call u thx so much again.”

ruqyah.net wrote:

We eat dinner together after magrib and there are other foods other than the above picture of the food so let’s eat dinner together with us and if you stay in your friend’s house, you can bring your friend too ok InsyaAllah see you tonight.

On Wednesday July 19, 2017 at 1:42 PM – WH wrote:

“I didn’t tell him about my info so I think I’ll come thx so much”

At 2:52 PM – WH wrote:

“I’m in Fremont now”

ruqyah.net wrote:

Good Alhamdulillah see you at 7 tonight at 000 Xxxxxxxx Dr., Daly City

On Thursday July 20, 2017 at 9:03 AM – WH wrote:

“Samal w thanks for everything and I need to send u the zakat also plz send acc number also”

At 10:41 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Alhamdulillah lots had left your body last night and three of them dead  remember the jinn Adam after syahada then helped us removing and the stubborn one was difficult to get them out then Jinn Adam asked me if it’s ok to kill the bad one and we said yes this morning because I was curious so I asked the medaitor I always use every Tuesday and it is confirmed lots out and 3 dead.  MasyaAllah InsyaAllah will continue next Tuesday using the mediator.  Any shadakah/zakat you can send to remoteruqyah.com (my son’s Abdullah website) thank you for the cake last night woow that’s a good cake I gave the cake to the mediator lady last night she is still young and has children she can have it better than for me but thanks you very much it was nice meeting you last night.  InsyaAllah will always pray for you and your family too ok

At 12:00 PM – WH wrote:

“Ok in sha allah I hope so we can try our best and leave the rest to Allah swt I’m glad u contact her to find out thx again may allah swt reward ur efforts.”

On Thursday April 19, 2018 at 9:56 AM – WH sent me a text message:

“Salam w”

At 11:30 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:


At 11:33 AM – WH wrote:

“Can u call me today Plz”

At 11:35 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

InsyaAllah later on my way to work but first I need to talk to a lady in Houston Texas first then I will call you insyaAllah.

At 11:36 AM – WH wrote:

Ok what time u going to work and u have my number”

At 2:15 PM we talked on the phone and according to him, he has gone to another raqi (healer) but the situation became worsen then before.  Now it is not only him who feels have problem but his wife too.  Subhanallah.  So I told him that he came to me only one time then went back to New York.  We don’t know how may sessions he needed to cure.  I told him the story of a family who live in New york (Q & A 303) and after my first session, the husband interested to learn and after I did Skype session with this family a few times, the husband is now a good in handling it.  Since they are in New York and WH is also in New York, I asked WH to write it down his problem for me to share with the family in New York with hope that this family can help WH.

At 6:32 PM WH wrote:

“Asalaamalayakum sister, I began having these odd feelings in 2008, mostly panic and anxiety attacks, they would come and go, at times I would feel any symptoms for several months to a year but every time the symptoms would return I would go the medical route and seek help from doctors, it was extremely frustrating thought because they were never able to find any issues as all my tests would come back clear. Fast forward to 2013 I divorced my first wife as our life together unexpectedly started to become very difficult and it was better that we separate, a few months later I did my nikah to my now second wife, a few days after the nikah I started to feel the symptoms again very severely to the point where I was unable to work, I then began having work issues which led to the loss of my business, I was feeling symptoms for 4-5 months and then moved to New York from California to get married and live with my 2nd wife. My life was normal again once I moved to NY and my wife and I decided to have a child, 7 months into our marriage she became pregnant but the pregnancy was extremely hard from that day until my son was born, my son was born with a rare birth defect and had to stay in the hospital for 2 months, Alhumdillah he is well now but 2 months after he came home I started to feel the symptoms again, which were worse than ever before, it has been attacks after attacks almost two years nightmares attacks can’t work loss of money health but I have been to many healers but nothing shifaaa comes from Allah swt but need to do our part to find cure also it’s been almost 10 years or maybe more Allah swt knows best I have heaviness and movement in my body scratches waking up may Allah swt make it easy on all humans going threw this sickness amen”

On Friday, April 20, 2018, 10:16:09 AM PDT – ruqyah.net wrote to SS:

Assalamualaikum SS, hope all is well with you and your family.  Thought of forwarding the below message to you hoping if you and your husband can try to help his Family.  His name is WH lives in Long Island (New York) and his phone # (000) 000-0000 his email is xxxxxxxxxxx@icloud.com he contacted me in June 2017 then he flew from NY to SF but I only did Ruqyah on him one time because he only stayed in the Bay Area one day.  He is originally from Afganistan.

After I forwarded WH’s message to SS, I then forwarded to WH just to tell him that I did it.

At 11:48 AM – WH wrote:

“Can u call me today on way to work I have important question for u plz.”

At 6:44 PM – WH wrote:

“Her husband called me  He talk for a while and asked me if u want to come on next weekend also.”

ruqyah.net wrote:


On Saturday April 21, 2018 at 10:33 AM – WH wrote:

“They asked for my address and name and did Ruqya yesterday also all me when u go to work so I can tell u what happen also plz thx.”

Posted on June 3, 2017 at 2:27 pm

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