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“Performing Ruqya – AsSalaamuAlaykum Tante H, I have read almost all your posts in order to learn from your experiences. I have often read that you describe feeling “pressure” from the patients. Can you please tell me how I can check this pressure too when I do ruqyah? Could you also tell me other subtle/not sure if obvious signs you often use that indicate possible jinn presence? What kinds of things do you often rely on? jazaakAllah khair”  Submitted on Jul 13, 2017 7:53 AM

On Thursday, July 13, 2017 1:40 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

Waalaikumussalam A, where do you live?  Let me share with you the best I can describing it to you OK.
1.  “pressure” from the patients.”  I was in UC Hospital in San Francisco visiting my friend with her son who was hospitalized due to cancer in his blood.  Her son was in lot of pain, so I asked her son permission if it’s ok for me to touch his head, I was going to recite recite some sura or verses of Qur’an for blessing and after he nodded I proceeded by standing by his hospital bed, placed my both hands on his head, right above his ears, then I started recited only sura AlFatihah repeatedly.  The reactions were:
a.  I recited sura AlFatihah first time – There was nothing I felt or noticed from the patient
b.  I recited sura AlFatihah the second time – The patient’s facial expression seems like he was in pain
c.  I recited sura AlFatihah the third time – The patient’s started to say something “o’ it’s hurt, hurt and his face expression also obviously noticed that he was in pain and from his face expression, it seemed to be the pain was more than before.  While both of my hands were still on his head, I was facing him, my palm of my right hand started to feel something like something moving or jumping around from inside of his left head.
d.  I recited sura AlFatihah the fourth time – The patient’s started telling his mom that he was in lots of pain, and wanted me to stop.
2.  “obvious signs you often use that indicate possible jinn presence” This happened many times depending to the severity of the problem and or the strength of the case.
a.  Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an the patient started to laugh and keep on laughing even though there was nothing funny
b.  Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an the patient started to cry.  How can a person cry without reason?  The patient was not an actor, and there was no body bitting him/her up and there was no reason for the patient to cry.
c.  Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an, I placed my hand (hands) some time on top of the patient’s head, sometime on the patient’s back, and the patient started telling me that my hand was very hot some time just hot or warm.  Then I removed my hand from the patient’s back and have the patient touch my hand and asked the patient if my hand was hot and the patient said with puzzled look on his/her eyes “no, it’s not hot”
c.  I recited verses of Qur’an on the water than have the patient drink the water, some patient said the water taste like a rotten eggs, some other patient said the water taste like some iron or metal that been soaked in that water, there was one patient even refused to drink the water because the patient said it was blood (this was very funny because the patient was possessed at home in San Francisco and I was at work in Oakland which was about 30 miles away.  Because the patient was in pain while also was possessed, the patient was a friend of one of my Qur’an students.  All my students have witnessed me performing ruqyah in fact they are all very good in assisting me because some time the patient turned violent so some time it took six of my students to hold my patient because some time my patient wanted to hit me, bite me or doing all kind of crazy thing to stop me so in this case, I told my student to get ready with a glass of water while I was taking a wudu and when I was ready, I went in the car, I told my employees not to disturb me or call me for at least thirty minutes, I told my student to place her phone on the speaker on top of the glass of water until I was done reciting.  When I was done, I told my student to give the water to the patient to drink, then I ended the call.  Approximately a few minutes later my student said the patient did not want to drink the water because the patient said it was blood, she refused to drink it.  So I told my student to tell the patient’s husband to force it by opening the patient’s mouth by force, pour the water into the patient’s mouth using the spoon, the subhanallah immediately after the patient drink the water, the patient stopped being possessed.
d.  There are many other examples such as a few minutes before I arrived at the patient’s house, the patient started acting weird, some even standing agains the wall with the feet was like walking but stayed in the same spot, and when I got there other person who was at the patient’s house told me that she started doing that way shortly before I got there and when I told the patient to sit down or to stop, the patient refused so I started to recite and shortly after that the patient fell down.  So there are many different reactions
e.  Some patients said while I was reciting, the patient:
(1) felt something running up and down of the patient’s legs, hands, body, some
(2) felt dizzy
(3) felt the patient’s head was shaking and when I asked the patient why, the patient said his/her head felt very heavy and he/she tried to hold it up
(4) Stop me from reciting and said it’s annoying listening to me
(5) Having difficulty to repeat after me when I recited the Syahadat and when the patient did say it, the patient said it with difficulty because something was preventing him/her to recite and some time the patient couldn’t even do it even though after the ruqyah session was done the patient can easily do it.
A, the above is some of the reactions I easily wrote it down for you so I hope it helps you.
On Thursday, July 13, 2017 11:57 PM – A wrote:
AsSalaamuAlaykum Tante H,

Thank you so much for replying with so much detail. I learnt a lot from what you wrote.

The reason I think checking pressure might be such a useful method is because
even if the jinn is stubborn and there isnt a typical reaction, we still have a little sign that not everything is OK.
Therefore we will not be tricked easily.

Where are some common spots on the body to place your hands and check for pressure?

So far I have
1) top of head
2) behind ears
3) forehead?

“Other than checking if there is pressure, are there other little reliable and useful ways or signs that tell you something is wrong. In case the patient says he feels normal.”

jazaakAllah khair

On 14 July 2017 10:10:27 – ruqyah.net wrote:

Where do you live A?  By the way what is your real name?  It is now 2:09 AM California time and I am just getting ready to leave work so insyaAllah I will reply to your question tomorrow, InsyaAllah.  Wassalam

On Friday, July 14, 2017 8:12 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:

AsSalaamuAlaykum Tante H,

“I live in the UK.

No worries, I will be happy to read your reply whenever you can send it.”

On 19 July 2017 07:08 – ruqyah.net wrote:

“Where are some common spots on the body to place your hands and check for pressure?”  Some time I just recite next to the patient without touching, the easy one is within a few minutes the patient started to have reaction such as hands or feet shaking (the shaking is not easily noticeable some time) or his/her face changed, some time started to yawn, some time started to be so sleepy (how can a person can suddenly be so sleepy – hemmm), so when I see any of these, I started to communicate.  Some time the patient said his/her name so I told him/her that I know you are in this body, I am here to help you, what you are doing is unjust (dzolim), Allah created us to live on earth to worship Him so regardless if you are here in this body was sent by the magician or came alone, I am here to help you, to guide you, lets ask Allah forgiveness and leave this body and do not return.  Then I started tell the jinn to repeat after me to recite syahada and I do it 3 times followed with takbir 3 times (have the patient’s pointed finger up while reciting syahada).  Some time the patient can’t repeat because something prevent the patient to recite so it is very obvious the jinn refuse to recite.  I love when the patient talks so it is easier to communicate and if you notice the patient recite with difficulty, repeat the same.  Then ask a few questions, what is your name, if refuse to say it, ask are you male or female?  (I have patient who was not 100% unconscious who refused telling me the name, then I asked male or female, the jinn then said male and when I asked how many are you in this body, the jinn said two.  So when the session was done, the patient was freak out because she is a female African American so she kept on asking me why I said male? etc)  Basically I just use my common sense by asking questions.  After the jinn cooperating with me, I asked what color are you?  Some time the answer was gray, yellow, red, black and if this is the came tell the jinn to recite syahada and tell the jinn to do it sincerely from their heart.  Some time the jinn said afraid to leave the body or afraid to get out because his/her job is not done yet, so comfort the jinn and assured him that Allah will help him and tell the jinn when get out the body just go to Mecca or Madina and never return to anyone body.  Some time the jinn said did not want to go to Mecca because it’s too crowded in Mecca.  One time there were lots of jinn in the patient’s body and after they all agreed to leave, one of them did not want to go to Mecca or Madinah but choose to go to Syria.  Subhanallah a few year later the husband of the patient called me because the husband noticed the wife’s behavior was not normal so when I did come and do the ruqyah, the jinn then said his name, so when I told the jinn why did you return to this body why didn’t you stay in Mecca or Madinah?  The jinn then said, no, no, not me, I went to Syria remember!  So then I remember it was indeed there was one choose to go to Syria, so I asked the jinn, why did you come back, you the one who wanted to go to Syria, the jinn then said, no I don’t like in Syria too many killing.  Subhanallah when the jinn went to Syria, there was no war yet in Syria.  
InsyaAllah I will continue next time.


On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 10:15 AM – A wrote:

“JazaakaAllah khairan for teaching me all of this tante H.

I will do my best to use what you have mentioned here inshaaAllah. A”
On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 12:58 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
I am happy to share and it’s good if you can help others in healing but just remember the cure is strictly from Allah because what we do is just reciting verses of Qur’an and nothing else.  I don’t see jinn but even though I communicated with jinn most of the time during the ruqyah sessions, I didn’t see them.  Always and always tell the patients before you start that you don’t know how to cure and the cure is strictly from Allah.  And be very careful not to feel special or proud just because patients are cured under your care – why I said this is even myself sometime so afraid for that feeling to enter my mind because I heard often from people or even many jinn had mentioned good things about me so astagfirullah be very careful.  For example, when I go to gathering place where there were many people there (since I am still working, and as an exempt employee working as an operations manager, I spent 10 or even longer hours a day, five days a week, my days off is on Tuesday and Wednesday, on Tuesday other than do ruqyah for an hour or two, I spent time with my husband.  Like yesterday, we went to the movie, then have lunch in the restaurant, then went grocery shopping for a week and spent the rest of the day just to be with him, and late night while we were watching TV, I replied to you, I got a bit sleepy so when I re-read what I wrote, I found there were a few mistakes in the story, and today, Wednesday, this morning, I prepared something to cook to take for tonight dinner for my students in my Qur’an study (I always brought foods and my students brought some foods too so like a potluck we eat dinner together after magrib prayer) so when I met people in the gathering, I introduced myself to those I never met and asked for their names, then when I said to them, please forgive me I am not good in remembering names and faces so then they said it’s ok we all know you, you are famous (it’s wooow when I heard that I quickly istigfar in my heart because I don’t want the Syaitan came to make me feel proud – yes, I know many people know me but I tried to keep myself low profile and humble).  Another example is when I do ruqyah, throughout the session, when the jinn was really stubborn and when I persistently talking to the jinn to convince the jinn to do tauba and ask Allah forgiveness etc., the jinn then said in front of the crowd of my students or other people in that room, the jinn pointed his finger to me telling the crowd in that room and said “she is so strong”  some time the jinn said “she is so white, so strong” something like that and it happened many times so when that happened I quickly replied to the jinn, yes, I am strong because of Allah and there is nothing stronger than the strength of Allah.  Subhanallah so be very careful on this.  
There were times when the jinn tried to retaliate but subhanallah the jinn tried to do something to me but Alhamdulillah couldn’t do instead went to my husband.  For example, my husband is stayed home everyday because he is already retired.  One day when I got home from work, it was around 7 PM, not sure what happened, my husband was angry for no reason so hemm I just kept quite and kept on dzikr in my heart than two hours later around 9 PM, the tenant who live downstairs texted my husband, sent a picture of a dead fish he found on the backyard.  The tenant said my dog was kept on barking toward outside facing the backyard so the tenant got curious, went outside, he found a very strong rotten smell dead fish in the backyard, he took a picture, he sent the picture to my husband then he threw the dead fish in the garbage.  My husband started to talk to me again (after two hours being silent) and told me about it.  There was no river and pond nearby and that the type of fish is the type of fish from the pond and not from ocean, next to my backyard is a freeway and if someone tried to throw the fish from the freeway, it’s impossible so I knew that was not normal, so I kept on dzikr.  It was on Thursday evening. The day before, on Wednesday, I did ruqyah in my house due to emergency case and it was difficult case, there were jinn left and I knew there was still some left, so I told the patient to come back on Friday evening (I did make a special arrangement to this patient because this patient was my former patient I helped a few years ago when she was pregnant and miscarriage, then cured, got pregnant again, the baby born healthy, got pregnant again, miscarriage again and the doctor couldn’t figure it out why etc., the patient’s stomach was hurting but again the doctor’s couldn’t figure it out why so I told this patient to come to my house.  I don’t want to have any patient come to my house because I am always busy and my time is limited if I am the one who go to the patient’s house, I can just leave when I am done.  So when the patient returned to my house on Friday, in the middle of the session when the patient was possessed, I mentioned “there was a fish in my backyard” so according to the patient’s husband who was there he was puzzled why I asked his wife about the fish but he was just kept quite but later he found out why I mentioned because right after I mentioned that, the jinn started to laugh and said it’s smell right! and laugh again to me gave me an expression like the jinn was happy so I asked the jinn what is the purpose the jinn said “nothing! nothing!”  I asked again, why?  The jinn then said “I don’t want to leave and you were forcing me to leave, my job is not done yet!”  So I asked the jinn, what is your job?  the jinn said “you see the baby is dead and my job is not done yet”  At this time according to the husband, he understood why I talked about the fish because there was a connection.  The jinn said the jinn who placed the fish there.  So my conclusion is why my husband ended up got very angry to me without reason was because of the jinn tried to get to me instead got into my husband.  So being a raqi you must prepared yourself with doing lots of dzikr and other good things I think because if you are not prepared yourself, you and or your family can be attack – Wallahu A’lam.  Always be grateful and syukur to Allah and thanks Allah each time after you help patients.  Wassalam

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  1. I have heard that is a common tactic of shayaatiin – trying to make the raqi prideful.

    It is good to hear that reminder again.

    jazaakAllah khair for that.

    Comment by Ibrahim on July 29, 2017 at 1:03 pm

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