Q & A 318 – From A in Hyderabad

“Assalaamuaalaikum wa rahmatullahhi wa barakaatuhu.  This is a, from Hyderabad.  MY wife has been suffering from jinn jaadoo for 18 years.  I EARNESTLY humbly request you people to help me in helping my wife getting rid of this evil, in the name of our only creator, the most merciful ALLAH SWBHANAWTALA, WHO ONLY HAS THE CAPACITY TO CURE AND DO EVERYTHING. ALHAMDULILLAHHI RABBIL AALAMEEN.  I am a teacher by profession, an 50 years of age now. It has become very difficult for me to live with her due to the language that the evil makes her use/.  OTHER WAYS HOW I TRIED TO REMOVE THAT EVIL, I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT AS A SECRET BETWEEN ME AND OUR ALLAH AS I UNDERSTAND THAT THOSE WERE NOT THE RIGHT WAYS.  NOTHING WORKED.  I AM SURE THAT IF ALLAH WILLS, SHE WILL BE CURED.  BUT HOW TO MAKE ALLAH READY FOR REMOVING THAT EVIL!  hOW!!!”  Submitted on Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 8:45 PM

On On Feb 28, 2018 16:16 – ruqyah.net wrote:

Ahmed, I live in the US.  By the way my name is Tante H (tante means aunt).  Alhamdulillah I have helped many people who have problem due to black magic, envy, sihr, etc and Alhamdulillah Allah cured them by me reciting verses of Qur’an on them.  I do not know how to cure nor to diagnose or seeing things so the only way helping my patient is by reciting verses of qur’an on the person.  I am doing it many different ways which is depends to what reactions on the patient.  Some time the patient stars unconscious (possessed)master listening my recitation then biiznillah, I communicate with the jinn without me seeing th jinn because I can’t see jinn, so I communicate with the jinn through the patient.  In this case the patient is not remembering anything because the jinn took control of the patient.  I will then lecture the jinn and Alhamdulillah after the jinn says the shahada, the jinn gets out from the person’s body.  Some time there is no reaction but the jinn left after I recited verses of qur’an on the patient and the patient is cured.

So my suggestion for you is to turn on the advice to djinn for your wife to listen.  If your wife starts to turn violent, try to communicate with the jinn because it is not her so just talk to it and lecture the jinn about Islam, why Allah create jinn for which is to worship Him and not doing unjust to your wife.  Tell the jinn to only afraid to Allah etc.  InsyaAllah you can do it Ahmed, take wudu first before you turn it on so you prepared and ask Allah to help you.  May I know how old are you Ahmed and how long you have been married?   InsyaAllah I will help you by guiding you what to do ok.  Wassalam

On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 4:00 AM – A wrote:

“Jazakillah khairan.

I am 50 years of age by the kind mercy of our Creator- Allah subhanavtala.
InshaAllah I will switch on the advice to the jinn audio from the treasured website of yours tonight and go ahead.
May Allah help us in our prayers and help me to make my wife devoted to the only Allah
On On Feb 28, 2018 15:03, – ruqyah.net wrote:
Assalamualaikum A, since you are overseas, my suggestion is for you to turn on the “advice to djinn” and have your wife listen to it.  Make sure do not listen to this audio in a moving vehicle or do anything.  Have your wife to take a wudu then sit facing a kiblat (direction of prayer) then have her listen to it.  You need to be with her for the first time listening to it because we don’t know what kind of reaction she may have.  Let me know what reaction she has while listening.  You can locate the link in my website ruqyah.net under prayer. Wassalam
On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 6:19 PM – A wrote:
“Jazakallah khairan.  but my wife’s condition is such that she is not ready to communicate with anybody. How much ever lovingly we say, and there is nobody to help me in this aspect. I tried to play sure bJinn, she became violent and hit me. She started banging the doors during midnight. I live in a rented portion and got scared that the house owner might remove me.
Alhamdulillah nothing happened. Today also she became ferocious. No cooking, no cleaning, no bathing, not eating
properly. That’s her position now. I am unable to control her. Her behaviour is very aweful. She uses such a filthy language that I cannot mention here. I understand that its not herself.I need her to become normal so that we can live peacefully, and she offers her obligatory prayers at ease.May Allah subhanavatala bless us all. Aameen00000000000.”

Posted on March 9, 2018 at 9:24 am

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