Q & A 332 – From S in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“I want contact number.  Am in Jeddah I have some problem for quran reading and performing salah.”  Submitted on Mon, May 21, 2018, 6:37 AM

On Monday, May 21, 2018, 11:34:49 PM PDT – ruqyah.net wrote:

Assalamualaikum S, the best way to communicate with us is via email because I am busy most of the times but insyaAllah I will try to help you as much as I can.  My name is Tante H.  How long have you had problem reading Qur’an and performing salah?
By the way since you are in Jeddah, I like to inform you what my family in Jeddah had told me about some of the healer (the raqi) in Jeddah.  I am a Yemeni decent and my real name is Buthainah binti Salim bin Ali bin Afiff.  I do have lots of family in Saudi, mostly in Jeddah, Mekkah, Madinah, Khobar (Dammam), and Riyadh, Alhamdulillah.  I don’t have family anymore in Yemen that I know of, but I do have lots of families from my father and my mother’s side in Saudi.  My father is bin Afiff and my mother is Khaiyath.  Since you are in Saudi, I am sure you have heard those families name there.  Some of my family in Saudi other than the Afiff and the Khaiyath are Al-Nahdi, AlThigah, Baabbad, Abdul Azizz.  Alhamdulillah I have visited Saudi five times, other than for Hajj and Umroh, I also visited my families there.  The sad part what I heard from my nephew that since nowadays living in Saudi is not the same as in the past, for the non-Saudi is very hard to find a decent job, many people claims they are raqi (healer) but Subhanallah they are not really raqi.  Off course the cure is from Allah so they just recite verses of Qur’an on the patient many times but there is no improvement or cure on the patient.  Yes, that person does not put a price for his service but kept on getting money donated to him each time visiting the patient performing the ruqyah.  Some of my family who are Yemeni citizen, since they can’t go back to Yemen with the way the living condition in Yemen now and difficult to live in Saudi because the Saudi government kept on increasing every year what they have to pay for being not a Saudi citizen, some moved to Indonesia.  Oh well, S, I just wanted to share with you about this.  Please let me know how long have you been having problem, InsyaAllah I will try to guide you.

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