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“I need help as I talked and keep swearing in my sleep.  It s quite a while that I talked and swear during my sleep .But three months ago before going to sleep there s a jinn in my bed moving around me, touching me and sometimes strangling me. When I start reading duahs he start pinching and touching me .Every time he comes I always get a bad smell and I know he is around and I can feel him moving around me .Even when I go to the mosque for salat he is here . When he comes into my body I can feel it in my face and I hear like a noise in my head .I madly need help as I can’t support it anymore and he is blocking my life in all ways.  So please try to see as soon as you can what you can do to help and cure me please and thanks in advance.”  Submitted on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 7:32 AM

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Lahawlaa Quwwata Illa Billaah, if you can’t find any one who can help you, here is what I would do if I were you.
1.  Have some one, an adult, with you when you are doing this.  Do not do it alone.  Educate the person if you get possessed, tell the person to try to communicate to the jinn to leave your body.  If you are possessed, tell the person who is with you to try to talk to you hoping that the jinn will talk and if the jinn talks, lecture the jinn about islam, why Allah created the jinn, convince the jinn to ask Allah forgiveness and ask the jinn to do Syahada then tell the jinn to leave your body and not to return to any human being.
2.  Prepare ruqyah water to rinse your body at the end of this procedure.  Recite verses of Qur’an commonly use to recite when performing ruqyah, blow it into the bucket of water each time after reciting a few ayats.  You can use Verses of the Quran
available on ruqyah.net under prayer subtitle, you chose this one, read along with the audio or you can read it directly from the Qur’an.  When this is done, put it on the side.
3.  Use the old clothing you are not going to use it again.  Steam up your body using the burning charcoal with luban, habbatussauda (black seeds), garlic.  Try to be creative how to do this perhaps if there is a big cardboard box while you are seating in the chair inside that box, put the burning charcoal on the floor and try to close top opening from your neck to the edges of the square box so the steam can be more effective to make you sweating to open up all the pore but be very careful with the burning charcoal on the floor do it with much precaution.  If there is an Arabic store in your area, you may want to ask them about the luban and habbatussauda.  Sample picture of luban below.
4.  Turn on the Advice to djinn
available on ruqyah.net under prayer subtitle.  Let’s this audio advice to djinn on during the entire time during the steaming process.
5.  When your body already sweating, take a few minutes break to cool down your body, then take a shower.  regular shower.  At the end of your taking shower, pour the ruqyah water from your head down if you can do it outside on the back yard would be better so the ruqyah water is not going to go down to the drainage.  Then have the person who is with you to take your wet clothing you worn on this process, to put it in the plastic bag (make sure you are not looking at that cloth let the person who is with you handle this) then then put it on the side away from you.  Once the wet clothing is in the bag, the clothing is not visible again with your eyes, put it on the side first.  Have the person who is with you to cut a little of your hair from the center of your head then put your hair inside the wet clothing bag.
6.  Biiznillah, buried the wet clothing bag on the ground where is no body passing by so perhaps to find the corner area where no one walk around that area or step on that area.
7.  Because all started, make doa to Allah and ask him to cure you.  All the cure is from Allah.  Surrender completely to Allah, do your daily prayer, recite Qur’an daily even a few minutes a day,
Just curious, which country you live in?  How old are you and are you married or single?  How long have you have this problem?  Do you remember when it started?  If you really sincere ask Allah to help you, insyaAllah do the above instruction and insyaAllah Allah will cure you.  Wassalam


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