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“Islamic Exorcism.  I have a question I am looking for a capable Islamic exorcist who can help with the removal of Jinn, we have tried Ruqyah here in santa clara but did not help very much can you provide me a name and contact phone number for an AAMIL who understands what needs to be done without hurting or injuring the patient my phone contact is 408-000-0000.”  Submitted on Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 4:59 PM

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, 5:50:06 AM PDT – ruqyah.net wrote:

Assalamualaikum KA, the admin of my blog, the ruqyah.net, is my son Abdullah so it just happened when my son forwarded your message I just arrived in Daly City where I teach Qur’an and where I often performed the ruqyah at so I showed your inquiry to my student R.  R got to know me from his friend when his wife was sick and no doctor could help and Alhamdulillah Allah cured his wife.  Then he became interested to learn so when the time permits, when I have patient he came to help me.  I gave him your phone number and your email address for him to contact you too but now sure if he got the chance to do it yet.  So he may contacting you too.  My name is Tante H and Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah that He always cured my patients.  I do not know how to read people nor to diagnose because I am not a psychic so what I do is just reciting verses of Qur’an on the patient.  It depends of the severity of the problem, some is very easy by one session and two the patient is cured but some require many sessions.  The best and the easier to do it is when after I recite, the patient gets possessed so the jinn takes control of the patient so I can lecture the jinn about Islam and tell the jinn to leave the patient’s body etc.  So I do talk to the jinn all the time through the patients’ mouths but I do not know how to see jinn.  The good thing is you don’t live far from Daly City so if require more than one session, it still easier for you to come.  I am 64 years old female and still working full time so I do ruqyah on my spare time during my days off which is on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Alhamdulillah I have been performing ruqyah more than 10 years and my husband is supporting me to help others because we ourself was also a victim of black magic for 41 years.  When I wrote a book of my autobiography   https://www.amazon.com/Voodoo-Victim-Exorcist-Unfortunately-Story/dp/0615731880  at that time I did not know that our problem was due to black magic but Alhamdulillah in December 2015, Allah helped me to get the demon – that was sent through the black magic to my husband – out from my husband body.
KA, can you tell me what you think that there is jinn in you and what is your problem.  InsyaAllah biiznillah we will try to help you.  InsyaAllah I will give you the address to meet me in Daly City on Wednesday late afternoon before by Qur’an study session starts.  Wassalam


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  1. where can i get a good ruqyah that is not less than 3 minutes and it will work perfectly

    Comment by Naqeeb Oluwadaramola At Tahweel on July 2, 2018 at 11:53 am

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