Q & A 353 – From Angela E in San Bruno, California

“Hello assalamualaikum, my name is Angela I retrieve your number from the Islamic center of San Francisco I am in desperate need of somebody who can emphasize on ruqyah I was referred to H I would really appreciate it if you could please contact me via cell phone at area code 000-000-0000 and again my name is Angela, Jazakallah khair Assalamualaikum.  “Submitted on Tuesday January 15, 2019 at 11:29 AM.  Angela left a voice mail on my cell phone and the text above was the transcription of it.

At 5:45 PM ruqyah.net called and talked to Angela.  Angela described her problem so I suggested for her to see me in Daly City where I teach qur’an tomorrow.  InsyaAllah we will try to help her and hope Allah swt will cure her.

Wednesday January 16, 2018 at 7:28 AM – Angela wrote:

“Salam sister, so should I get dropped off or would you be coming to pick me up(: my address is 0000 crystal springs rd, apt#000, San Bruno CA 94066”
ruqyah.net wrote:
You can make arrangement to have some one to drop you off but if traffic is good I will call you we may be able to stop by on the way. Either way we will call you once I am on San Mateo bridge.  Wassalam
At 9:34 AM – Angela wrote:
“Oh this is wonderful….no worries I’ll have my husband drop me off Inshaالله…if things change let me know…would you like me to come earlier for Roucaya! Ok talk to you later Inshaالله Salam
Salam alaikum h…do you still want me to be there this evening…I don’t really know approximately what time you’d like me to be there…my husband is actually leaving for work right now so I’m going to have to uber myself there…khair Inshaالله call me when you can about timing(:”
ruqyah.net wrote:
We are on crystal spring already
Angela wrote:
“Please come to the first exit on your right
I’ll meet you outside”
ruqyah.net wrote:
I am outside by the entrance
At 9:58 PM – Angela wrote:
“Salam alaikum h….thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, I feel much better after the Roucaya…I hope to keep coming to the sessions on Wednesday’s…please keep me in your Duahs, and that my kidneys will heal, and start producing urine Inshaالله…
Jazakالله khair sister….
Thursday January 17, 2018 at 00:01 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Waalaikumussalam, since now you know the place you can come every Wednesday evening to follow up with the Ruqyah and to learn how to read Qur’an.  It’s nice meeting you and glad that you feel better.  InsyaAllah if your kidney’s problem is not medical InsyaAllah Allah cure you.  Please let me know tomorrow how is your sleeping tonight.  Wassalam
Sorry I just got home so I couldn’t reply earlier.
Thursday January 17, 2018 at 5:00 AM – Angela wrote:
“Salam sister, I just woke up, because my husband has been having anxiety lately not being able to sleep for some reason Allah hu alom…but my sleep was incredible I went to sleep shortly after I went home…
Never felt tired like that in a very long time. Khair Inshaالله,thankyou for everything you do for myself and for others. May Allah swt reward you and give you and your loved ones jannah…Ameen
As for my kidney problem, I believe that everything is from Allah and that this is a form of purification, so that maybe I don’t suffer in the next life Inshaالله
Love you sister h
At 6:56 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Alhamdulillah one of the results I heard from my patients is slept well after the Ruqyah so that is a good sign for you unfortunately the Jinn did not talk to me during the ruqyah last night so I couldn’t tell how many got out from your body, what the reason or their job, how long and how the Jinn got in there etc but Alhamdulillah Allah swt made them easy to leave last night.
One of my patients is a lady from Romania and she was having stomach problem for 2 years and her doctor told her that her kidney was shrinking.  She practically went to the hospital so often because of her problem (she was one of my employees so I knew her well some time even when she was working she left work to go to the hospital because her pain etc) I felt sorry so I asked her if she wanted me to help her.  She said she would do anything to get better because she was tired with her sickness.  So I told her what I would do is to recite verses if Qur’an on her, Alhamdulillah Allah swt cured her completely and when she went back to the hospital for her follow up check up, she was told “oh your kidney is ok now”. She told me that she was just kept quite when her doctor said that to her because she knew she already cured because she has full of energy and never felt sick as before again after the ruqyah, Subhanallah.  She had the ruqyah a few years ago and Alhamdulillah she is good until
now.  Her family heard about me so her family wanted me to visit them.  I have been to many countries in Europe but not Romania so I took the opportunity to go there with my husband and stayed in her parents’ house a week in the forest.  InsyaAllah I will bring zam zam water for you to drink when next time you see me.
As to your husband anxiety and problem with his sleeping, based on my experience from having so many patients with their problems, there is an indication that his problem is also cause by the unseen (not medical) you can ask him to come with you next Wednesday.
On Thursday, January 17, 2019, 8:41:38 AM PST – Angela wrote:
“Salam sis,
This story is incredible, I do honestly believe Allah swt gave you an incredible gift, in healing…Mashaالله
My heart feels at peace for the first time in many many years. Allah swt gave me a chance to accept what’s khair in my through the reminder of the Quran and our prophet Muhammad’s teachings. I truly am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet you, and hope Inshaالله our friendship will flourish.
And between you and i, I honestly believe my husband is suffering from sleepless nights and anxiety because of all the recent changes to his company. Before he use us to collect 70/80% of his earrings from his job and now they changed their policies and all employees only collect about 40/50% of earnings so he fears not to be able to catch up on all his finances etc…plus with all the stuff with immigration being on pause. I would love to help and work, but I’m afraid I can’t really work full time because I do dialysis 3x a week…but Allah Kareem, he is the provider and I believe in his rizq…I look forward to our next session next week Inshaالله…
Btw I feel so wonderful, I feel amazing, jazakالله khair sister for being everything that you are…I love you for the sake of Allah, and will never forget you in my Duahs….

On Wednesday January 23, 2019 – Follow up ruqyah was done (this was the second time).  Very much almost the same reaction as the first time.  She was crying so when I saw the present of jinn already I tried to ask a few questions such as what is it name, male or female, how many are there in Angela’a body, what religion etc but no answer at all.  I had it to follow me to recite the syahadah but then after the syadadah suddenly Angelo was regained conscious.  So I asked Angela if she remember anything, her response was she said some body was telling me the name GHASIM when I was asking for it’s name the she said MALE when I was asking the gender of the jinn, subhanallah.  Angela said that somehow something that prevented her to talk so she couldn’t answer my question.  I told her not to worry, that was not her, the jinn didn’t want to talk, perhaps the jinn was deaf.

I suggested for Angela to do lots of zikr, recite surat al Mu’Awwidzatain and ayatul Qursi everyday.  I gave her some SIDR leaves to drink by making tea of sidr leaves, sidr powder for her to take bath with, a bottle of zam zam water that I had recited sura Al-Baqarah on it for her to drink it everyday and to make doa first before drinking the zam zam water.  

At 10:20 PM – Angela wrote:

“Sister should I put the zamzam in the fridge”

At 11:48 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

No, no need.  Sorry just reply now, we just got home.

On Thursday January 24, 2019 at 12:07 AM – Angela wrote:

“Ok sis Alhamdilah you made it home safe….jazakالله khair for helping me out with my Islam, spiritually I really need your support…I look forward to bringing my husband with me next week Inshaالله…sweet dreams auntie H”
On Sunday January 27, 2019 at 12:19 PM – Angela wrote:
“Salam alaikum sister h…I hope everything is going well for you Inshaالله. I wanted to ask if you possibly found out anything more about my situation pertaining to the Roucaya sessions….I truly want to get to the bottom of this Allah hu alom
Ok sister Inshaالله I’ll here back from you when it’s convenient(:
At 1:01 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
No, I don’t expect to know anything because when I do ruqyah is just reciting the patient the one who tells me.  I don’t do this a lot but I have done ruqyah from distance it takes longer and more sessions compares with doing it in person and especially if the patient is talking to me that is the best way, based on my past experience so we can try to get to the bottom of it.  Your case needs lots of SABAR the good thing is InsyaAllah you are in the right direction so far we just do it twice in person.  Do read sura I suggested for you to read everyday, drink the zam zam water by make doa’ first for Allah to cure you before drinking it, drink the SIDR’s tea, take a bath/shower with the sidr powder I gave you.  InsyaAllah see you and your husband on Wednesday
At 1:05 PM – Angela wrote:
“Ok sister jazakالله khair….I hope Inshaالله everything goes well. I have been in a scenario with my husband that we might head to a separation Allah hu alom….but Inshaالله khair, I will do as you recommended Inshaالله….thankyou again for being so supportive and understanding(:
Salam alaikum wrwb”
At 2:15 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Most common effect of the unseen interfering in our body and mind is separating married couple so please do lot of zikr and try to recite ayat Qursi also.
At 2:27 PM – Angela wrote:
“Ok sister…thank you so much for all your reminders…I will do that Inshaالله Alhamdilah I met you sister…”
On Tuesday March 20, 2019 at 9:34 AM – Angela wrote:
“Subhanالله ever since you have done the ruqiyah on me, I have been completely better, no whispers, bad thoughts, or fears”
At 9:38 AM – Angela wrote:
“I have met an Egyptian sister through queens of the bay and she truly needs help with sihr and mas types of magic…I’ll be doing hijama on her for the sake of Allah as I’ve been doing very well with it Alhamdilah by the will of Allah…I was going to play a ruqiyah for her during her session with me, but unless you can make it to my home after duhur during her hijama session with me, a few other sisters will be here Inshaالله…if your not able to attend what is your opinion about this? And Is there special Duahs, Quran recitation available I can play…please help sister…we must help our sister if it’s in Allah’s will…Inshaالله
Salam habeebty”
At 10:14 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Unfortunately I am working but my suggestion is turn on the advice to Djinn available in my website ruqyah.net while you do hijama on her and at the same time say “I know you are in this lady body so please get out now and not to return to her body, ask Allah forgiveness and don’t return  back to her.”  Some thing similar to that it is not necessary to be the same exact sentence, InsyaAllah the Jinn will leave.  Wassalam
At 10:15 AM – Angela wrote:
“Jazakالله khair sister(:”

On May 23, 2019 at 11:49 AM – Angela wrote:

“Salaam alaikum sister I was meaning to ask you a question regarding flashbacks I keep having periodically problem with my past and all the good and bad things that I obviously can’t do anything about now come to me and I cry a lot about it I’ve been doing my research and they say that when you have bad thoughts it’s a sign of hypocrisy but why I want to always avoid everbean a hypocrite could you please tell me what’s the best method to eliminate these thoughts because I’m trying to heal naturally by the will of Allah in sha Allah you are a very gifted woman with a lot of knowledge and I would be grateful if you could please help me in that sense because it is Ramadan and I’m only able to fast some days and what the last 10 days coming starting Saturday inshallah I’m hoping 2 achieve Mercy(:”
At 12:38 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
We all made mistakes in life.  The good thing is we acknowledged our mistake or wrong doing we did in the past so going forward by closing the old book and start with the new one after you sincerely confess to Allah swt and ask for his forgiveness.  You don’t need to worry about your past so going forward and if there is some thought rehearsing in your mind, try to get rid of it by zikr such as “astagfirullah” repeatedly many time because I believe bad thought is the work of the syaiton to create unpleasant, worrisome, was was feeling.  Hope this help.  Wassalam
At 12:47 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
It is not hypocrite in your case so let’s forget our past and try to be better and better each day to always do the right thing OK.
At 1:41 PM – Angela wrote:
“Jazak Allah khair sister I’m definitely going to do dikr more often, especially after I ever have thoughts. I look forward to continuing your quran classes once I get settled in Inshaالله…you really are a true inspiration and such a pious woman with a special touch with Islam…Inshaالله my sister and I can achieve greatness with your support…I hope she can see you a few times before she leaves…she will be here from June/10th to June25th(: she really was affected by the emdr therapy and needs help from Allah swta and the holy Quran Inshaالله(: love you sister I hope you have a wonderful rest of the Ramadan Inshaالله”

Posted on January 15, 2019 at 5:45 pm

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