“Assalamualaikum  I’m from Houston Pls help me find one RAQI Eagerly wants your help.”  Submitted on 2019/08/15 at 3:25 PM
On Saturday, August 17, 2019, 10:35:54 PM PDT – ruqyah.net wrote:
Waalaikumussalam P, I don’t know any raqi in Houston so in the mean time you may want to help yourself by listening to the audio  “advice to djinn” available in ruqyah.net?  This audio, “Advice to Djinn” has helped many people who contacted me by following the instruction below, insyaAllah Allah swt will help you too.  Do not listen to these audio in a moving vehicle.
Prayers This is what I suggestion for you to do:
1.  Take a wudu (the cleaning before we pray)
2.  You sit down facing the kiblat (the direction of prayer), turning on the audio (advice to djinn) and listen to it until the end. Put medium or high volume but do not listen to it in the moving vehicle.
3.  Pay attention to your body, feet, hands, head and thought
4.  If there is a numbness or you feel anything while listening, be strong and talk to the jinn as if you are talking to a person and say “I know you are in my body, please get out and not to return to any human being.”  You can say anything else similar to this with the intention to talk to the jinn to get out.  You can also hitting slowly the part of your body that has the reaction if any while you are talking to make the jinn to get out.  Tell the jinn that if the jinn is being stubborn, you will burn them.  Then you can turn on the second audio (ruqyah to burn) http://www.ruqyah.net/prayers/

Advice to djinnDownload

Ruqyah to burn DjinnDownload

Verses of the Quran

5.  You can do this as many time as you can and let me know what reaction you have while listening.  InsyaAllah Allah will cure your problem.