Q & A 402 – From N & N for their family member X

“Jinn Possession and Sihr induced Black Magic.  Hi there! … Greeting’s … The reason of us being in here has a deeper reason and meaning as we need help for one of our family members who is suffering in our opinion from powers that are not worldly and not curable by doctors only by a higher power or Shamans as we call them.

X was the best and the most successful and hard-working student in his class, his marks on all the school subjects were always the highest.  He lived a full life: he did some sports and simply adored reading. He used to be always tidy and get dressed well. Lots of people were really jealous of his cleverness and brilliant studying, especially one woman, the mother of the boy with who X used to sit at the same desk at school, that boy was very lazy and not good at his studying at all.  Once X was invited to that boy’s birthday party to his place, where X ate some food and drank some juice and tea.  All the food and drinks were prepared by that boy’s mother. Since that time X’s life has been changing to the worst. He started to miss his classes, then he could miss his school for 1 or 2 weeks. Eventually X had to change the school and managed to finish his studying ( the 11th class) bareĺy at night school having the worst marks. Then he entered some college and university but after a bit of time he left them without finishing. Slowly he lost all the friends and made isolated himself from everybody.  All the time Eugene tried to realize himself in the working sphere but always failed. … Nowadays he doesn’t live a normal full life: he is not working at all, he is not eating and sleeping in a proper way. He likes uncleanness: he has become untidy and unhygienic.

As if two different personalities are living inside him: very often he behaves like a beast: rather aggressive, rude and restless. His life is extremely chaotic: at night X can leave home and roam around the street, along the river, also he disturbs the other family members not letting them sleep, sometimes he watches TV for hours at night. He is constantly complaining that he’s got a strong pain in his whole body. Very often he sits with his head down for a long time letting his energy go away. As if there is a severe storm in his soul and he can’t find a shelter. He is refusing to communicate with his nearest and dearest and get some help from them.  Right now X is already xx years old but the situation is getting worse and worse. … X’s mama and papa did everything whatever they could to help him to return back to his normal life. Unfortunately, in our country there are a lot of charlatans and everybody is taking money for doing nothing. … What the doctors can offer here is only putting him in a mental house by giving him thousands of dangerous injections and tablets and making him like a vegetable. ..Unfortunately, financially we can’t go to some countries in search of a special powerful person who really is able to help in such cases. Besides, X will refuse to go somewhere. … We all are still having a little hope that X’s life can become again full and interesting. Request your help and assistance. Thank you in advance…

On Sunday, November 8, 2020, 06:28:26 PM PST – ruqyah.net wrote:

Hi N and N, I suggest first for you to turn on the audio “advice to djinn” below for X to listen to.  Make sure some one with him when he is listening to it.  Let me know what reaction X may have while listening.  Make sure DO NOT listen to this audio in the car or in any moving vehicle because if the person is under influence of the unseen, the person may retaliate, may not want to listen to it, because the thing the one inside of the person that refuse to listen to it.
Let me know what reaction first, I may tell you what to do next OK.


Posted on November 8, 2020 at 6:28 pm

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