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“Your Story.  Assalamualaykum, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim: I got a glimpse of the overview of your book Voodoo: From Victim to Exorcist, and was curious about your story. I’d like to ask if there are any particular symptoms you were suffering from, and if there are any “signs” (not physical symptoms) for example blockages etc. that you experienced in your ordeal. I’m currently battling a battle of my own, and I find it hard to distinguish the line where it is supernatural-related or life in general. I have some symptoms myself, but sometimes, I forget them – though I do notice that since I got unwell myself, I have been experiencing a streak of loss and enmity I have not experienced before, as though I am “cursed”, even if it may seem illogical. So I would like to ask for some advice and your opinion, and the symptoms that pinpoint to voodoo or curse or anything related to it, if it is okay with you. Best wishes, A.”  Submitted on Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 6:12 PM

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, 10:46:09 PM PST – ruqyah.net wrote:

Waalaikumussalm A, indeed there were many issues that did not make sense at all.  Lots of nightmare.  When I talk to my husband on the phone, the conversation was OK but at home anything I said to him in person, somehow the way my husband responding back to me was he always got frustrated because according to him I was so stupid, always try to aggravate him, to annoy him, he often told me “you are not a stupid but the way to do thing, the way you say is always stupid!”  Back then cell phone is not exist yet so when the phone rang and I answer the phone, anything I said to the caller was always made him got so mad because according to him, I was so stupid.  There were more than this but I can not write it down here.  I always made doa’ Ya Allah find me a way out from the situation I was in and I did lots of zikr, read Qur’an, did the night prayer (tahajud), even when we both, my husband and I, were watching TV, my heart was never stop doing zikr.  When we were in the car, my husband driving, I never stop did my zikr in my heart, on the bed until I feel asleep I never stop zikr in my heart.  I did not want to do the zikr through my mouth because I did not want to aggravate him so I did it silent.  Alhamdulillah I never had problem finding job in fact I always had a good job.  But the blockages was, I believe, in my husband because before he married me, he always had a good job but three months after I arrived in the US, my husband lost his job, hundreds of hundreds resume sent but he couldn’t find job.  If he did find a job, just a job, a stupid job, he always for whatever reason he got laid off or lost his job.  No matter how good we tried to manage our money, we never can save even a little.  Always struggled with money but it did not make sense.  One day I was driving to work and my husband was also driving to go somewhere, I was going to southbound and my husband was driving to the opposite direction but at the same time I was about to get hit by other car in which it was impossible to avoid but Allah was saved me.  Later that day when I called my husband at home and when I told my husband about I almost got into a big accident then my husband was shocked and told me the same thing.  There were two ladies driving was about to hit the car my husband was driving, the two ladies was driving very high speed in which my husband said he couldn’t believe that he escaped from that about to get big accident.  My boys were already big enough, they were in Junior High and High School, one day when my husband went to the backyard, he found a dol hang with the rop on the tree, where that dol form?  Our boys never played with the dol and we had been living in that house for a few years and never seen that dol.  There were many strange thing that did not make sense.  I cook spinach, off course I always wash and rinse the spinach three times to make sure there is no sand and to make sure they are cleaned.  After the spinach was done, my husband was going to eat, he scoop the spinach using the serving spoon, came to find out there was lots of sand from that spinach.  The sand was a lot on the serving spoon.  My husband got so mad and got angry to me.  I just couldn’t understand where that sand from because I already cleaned the spinach three times beside if there were still some sand in between the leaf, that sand couldn’t have been that way.
Alhamdulillah I love to read so over 15 years ago when I was reading one of the hadtiz’ books I have, I came across about the healing by reciting of Qur’an which is called ruqyah.  At that time to the best of my knowledge, the word ruqyah was not a common and many syech, ustadz, imam who did the healing, they did not call it ruqyah.  But a few years later ruqyah is became known everywhere.  I hope this answer your question.
Where do you live A?  Wassalam
On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 03:46:56 AM PST – A wrote:
“Assalamualaykum H,
I am from an Asian country. I am still suffering symptoms as of now, then I thought of you suddenly and thought to reply – do forgive me for the late reply.
I experience strange things ever since going to a certain work experience where I found myself developing anxiety. Whereas before I was a sharp person with healthy confidence, I came back (after ending my work there) with a very strong anxiety. My heart would beat really fast and I would feel that I did something wrong, or something really wrong, that caused it to happen. Cue the onslaught coming weeks, I started having nightmares, being disturbed from different angles, and basically having a hard time in a mental place, or as we would say, “being present”. Then when I came back to college, I would get startled from my sleep with noises, incessant nightmares as well as having whispers near my ear. These all started to decrease once I started to sort myself out.
I still don’t know what it is I am battling with. As I mentioned, I have a hard time distinguishing the line between supernatural part, and the life in general part.
When I listen to ruqya, even until now, I have symptoms such as having movements under my skin, and especially having mucous coming right from my throat, and having to remove it in the sink or trash can or in a plastic bag. As of writing now, I am experiencing the fast heart beat that I have mentioned – it’s so difficult to stay calm when you’re not really at peace with yourself. Besides the symptoms I have aforementioned, I have also experiences blockages which were very sudden and odd, and also very strange – a lot to do with my relationships, and at times my education. I have always had a steady stream of opportunities before these things started to happen, but now, I’m afraid I couldn’t really say the same – it’s like my life has come to a halt in progressing, career/education wise, religious wise, relationship wise, and other things like emotional and mental well being have become practically and abruptly interfered.
I wish I could be the person that I was before because I was happy, and even if I weren’t, I had hope in myself to do things right in life. Now, it just seems that I’m not growing in any sense, and that I’m always stuck here in a rut.
I apologise if this is really long, but I would appreciate it if you could perhaps offer advice and see if my symptoms correlate with those relating with black magic/jinn possession/ evil eye etc. I am especially interested to see if this is a result of black magic, as I have a strong feeling someone has done so to me to have caused things to shift very abruptly in my life (perhaps to sabotage it) – I could very well be wrong but it is just a feeling from me to mention about.
Jazakallah khair, A”
On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 06:43:16 AM PST – ruqyah.net wrote:
Waalaikumussalam A, where do you live?  The experience you described, based on my experience helping many patients, indication the present of the unseen (jinn) but I don’t know why and from where.  It can be evil eye, can be just entered to your body voluntarily, jealousy of others, Wallahu ‘Alam
I was born in an Asian country too, in Indonesia.  I have been living in the States for over 45 years, Alhamdulillah.  Alhamdulillah during this covid-19 Allah has been making me very easy on helping others through FaceTime or video call on-line, Alhamdulillah, MasyaAllah.  Just let me know if you need my help, I don’t know how to cure, I don’t know how to diagnose, I don’t know to read or predict anything, all I know is just reciting Qur’an and the cure is from Allah.
I do this ‎لله تعالى but I do accept donation in which I distributed the donation for the orphanages and the poor back home so it’s sadaqah.    Wassalam


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