Q & A 409 – From B

Waalaikumussalam B, based on the story you described I believe she is influenced by the jinn.  Where does she lives?  Alhamdulillah during this pandemic, Allah has made it easy for me to help others through online either by FaceTime or WhatsApps.  B, my name is Tante H.  I don’t know how to cure nor diagnose anything.  All I do is just reciting verses of Qur’an.  Most of patients who are possessed after hearing me reciting, some have reaction and some they don’t.  Since I can’t see jinn or knowing the presence of jinn, if the patient does not possess, even by me reciting, some jinn leave the body.  But if the problem is severe, it may take many sessions.  What I like most is when the patient gets possessed and talked, I can communicate with the one inside to convince them to leave by first I lecture them about Allah etc., take syahada then if the problem is due to sihr, after the jinn takes syahada, I always tell the jinn to destroy the sihr first then I told them to go to Mecca.
Since everybody reaction is not the same, some time the patient does not want to listen to me, sometime even retaliate by cursing, try to fight etc.  Therefore, there should be somebody else with her during the session, everybody take wudu before we start.  InsyaAllah Allah cures her.  Wassalam

Posted on January 12, 2021 at 4:48 pm

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