My autobiography.  I think your son came across my blog way before he contacted me.  I was a victim of black magic myself but I didn’t know and no one in my family had ever talked about jinn or black magic.  I came to NY in 1975 moved to SF in March 1978 started teaching Qur’an at Islamic Center on Crescent in 1980, Alhamdulillah I love to read so everyday other than read Qur’an I also read haditz by Bukhari Muslim, I have lots of haditz books, I also read the translation of Qur’an both in English and Indonesian so over 15 years ago when I was reading haditz, I read something about ruqyah and during that time the word ruqyah was not known yet, nothing in the internet about ruqyah.  The reason I read lots of haditz also because I am teaching so I lecture also about way of life in Islam and haditz.  I don’t know why when I recite verses of Qur’an patient always reacted actually I don’t know anything all I know is read Qur’an, but jinn always said afraid of me just like the earlier jinn the one came out from your son the one talked to me.  Every time I did Ruqyah I always told my son Abdullah, then he said we need to educate people about it.  He is an Engineer and his master is in computer, he is an IT so he made a blog for me long time ago.  My blog’s name I record my patients information there but not with patient’s name so just the story.  Your son read my book and he said it’s inspirational to him.  What I wrote in my book what I went through after married but actually worst than what I wrote I didn’t write more detail because when I wrote the book I did not know who did the black magic on me and my husband, I did not want sound it like my husband was so bad.  I removed the demon the one in my husband in December 2015.
After helping many patients here in the US and overseas, what I learned who done the black magic most of the times ALWAYS people we know of, family, in-law, friends but many are from back home where the patient’s is from and what I don’t  Understand is Muslim who’ve done it.  I helped non-Muslim too, I had a Jewish lady, African America, Philippine, India, Spanish, Romania, and Africa.