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“Unexplained pains.  Salam’alikum My name is I now 33 years old I’ve been sick since I was 16 years old but back then it was only stomach pains I had and I was able to manage it. When I was about 21 to 22 years old my stomach problem worsened so much that I got overdosed with anti nausea medication and IV and started having restlessness in my legs this ruined my life it kept getting worse and was only present in my thighs at the time all the tests were normal they sent me to psychiatric clinic and they got me hooked to sleeping medications I spent around 8-9 years on these medication and no job no marriage nothing my dad always hated all of us so he was quick to close the chapter on me then I started praying and tried to get my self out of all this it went well for the beginning then I went to a Dr because I was developing sciatica type pain he made me do stretches which ruined my back too. I was in severly bad condition I went back to the drugs and stayed there in the end of 2019 I got a good job started  working there and again my back worsened everything that could have gone wrong went wrong the employer noticed in sick and wanted me to leave the job I resigned. After that I tried every doctor every therapy with the salaries I saved up, but nothing works its like the Doctors go blind when they see me. I’m now approaching 34 and I do live with my parents but I need to provide for my self and im not in condition to work im worse than before what do I do? I pray but with kaza prayers because my stomach sickness takes 80% of my time in toilet plus the restlessness and other problems require exercises I also noticed there’s water droplets that fall on me sometimes big enough that I can see them and sometimes just invisible I’ve been to many people to remove the magic but they all fail and later get mad at me saying I must have made a mistake thats why there removal is not working I’m in a well nigh desperate situation Please tell me what you think I’ll really appreciate your help on this Thank you.”

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Waalaikumussalam I, where do you live?  My name is Tante H.  Alhamdulillah during this pandemic Allah s.w.t. has made me easy to continue helping others through FaceTime or WhatsApp video call.  What I do is strictly recite verses of Qur’an on the patient and the cure is from Allah, however, Alhamdulillah so far Allah had cured most of my patients, MasyaAllah.  For this ruqyah service I do it Lillahi Ta’ala but I do expect donation from my patient and the donation I received is distributed for the poor and orphanages back home.  InsyaAllah Allah will cure you too.  Wassalam


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