Exorcism # 13 – See clearly and the vision back to normal after ruqyah

Ztn was surprised because suddenly her vision was clear and acted as disbelieved while turning her head around to see everything in the room very clear in the middle of the session which made me stopped reciting the Qur’an to ask her if she was OK.  Ztn said “my eyes are ok now my eyes are ok now and not blury anymore.”  Ztn then said “I went to the eye doctor to check and the doctor said nothing wrong with my eyes and the doctor said I don’t need to change my glasses but everything is blury, I can’t see clear but now my eyes are ok.” 

 My husband and I were visiting my families overseas visiting and the last night before we returned back to the U.S., my younger sister Ztn, her husband and their daughter N came.  While we were talking Ztn asked me if I could do ruqyah on N because N lately got angry for any little things without reason so I suggested to Ztn for me to do the ruqyah on her too and she agreed.

Both Ztn and N seat side by side together and I was behind them.  Shortly after I started the ruqyah on them, Ztn started to get reacted and made so much noice like going to vomit but nothing came out.  I tried to communicate with her but she did not respond instead kept on making noice so I continued recited the Qur’an on them but then all of sudden Ztn was wiping both of her eyes, looked around and said she can see clear, she can see clear.  I did not understand her at first but then I found out that she has been having problem with her eyes which she thought she needed to change her glasses but her doctor said her vision was good. 

N did not have any reaction at all that I can see but according to Ztn, N was good too after the ruqyah, N never get iritated easily and not getting angry for any little things again.


Posted on May 9, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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