Praise be to Allah S.W.T.  We praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness and guidance.

ا أنزل الله من داءالأ أنزل له شفاء

“Allah does not send down any disease but He also sends down a cure for it”

We are very grateful that we love reading haditz other than the Holy Qur’an.  One day in 2005 we read about treating illness by reading Qur’an which later we found out the name of curing sickness by reciting verses of the Holy Qur’an was Ruqyah.  We do read Qur’an and since we really believe that there is no power greater than the power of God, I suggested to my husband for us to learn.  At the beginning, our main reason to learn was for our own family; children, daughter in-law, grand children.  But after we practiced the ruqyah on some one and did cure the person, we then thinking on helping our friend whom we noticed there were signs on her indicating InsyaAllah can be cured by performing ruqyah on her.  After we did to our friend, words to mouth spreading quickly and more and more friends find out that we do ruqyah.

We are greatful to God that we have helped many people from the possess person to the person who can’t sleep without taking sleeping pills.  Furthermore, we are not only performing ruqyah on some one, but we also do it on houses to remove the Jinn (spirit) from the house, Alhamdulillah.