Exorcism 97 – N in Maryland

On Wednesday November 16, 2022 one of my former patients L told me about the condition of her friend N who has gotten worsen if I can help.  Off course insyaAllah I will always helping who ever come to me for my help then I found out that this N lady is the niece of my dearest friend Allahyarhamah.  L said that N has been having marriage problem in the past seven years, the divorce has been final a couple of years ago and they are now living in different States.  According to L, she has been telling N to reach out to me before but N always refused contacting me because she afraid that many of her family and friends will find out of her problem.  Until finally seven years later which is this month, after so many different raqi who tried helping her and her two children and the problem have even gotten worsen instead of better, N finally texted me for my help.

N said that she suspected that her convert ex-husband is one of the persons who did it on her and her two children because she found something relating to the black magic stuffs hidden at her house when they were still together.  There was some kind of satanic symbols and other things related to satanic worshippers stuff even though N does not know for sure, but then she google up to investigate those symbols etc., she then confirmed that that was indeed something to do with the symbols associated with the occult.

N said that her convert ex-husband has gotten worsen after she left him and with the help of her lawyer she has the full custody of her two children.  So N believes that her convert ex is holding the grudge to do what ever it takes to make N life with the children measurable.

N sent me a few video and pictures of the buhuls she found in her house when she was still with her ex and in the apartment where she lives now. ‘La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah (there is no power and no strength except with Allah’

According to N, her children, very young boy and girl, already attempted to suicide a few times, they tempted to kill each other, so N placed the boy at her auntie’s house and she keeps the girl with her.  A few days before she contacted me, the girl had a knife on her hand to stub her mother to kill her and the girl was chasing N and no one in the house was able to stop her, so they called the police.  N mother lives with N to help because N constantly depressed and has not been able to do anything due to her situation.  The police took the girl and admitted in the hospital for the doctor to diagnose the girl condition.

On Thursday November 17, 2022 at 6:30 AM – First ruqyah session was done on N

The good thing was N got possessed so I was able to communicate with he jinn but the jinn was so stubborn and the jinn was afraid of the boss so in this session, the jinn was still refuse to recite syahada and to leave.  First the jinn said has no name so when I found out that the jinn was a male jinn, I offered to call him Adam and he agreed.  The jinn told me that I talked to much, I am ugly, when I told the jinn lets listen to me insyaAllah biiznillah I will direct him to the right path otherwise if he continues he will go to hell fire then the jinn said to me “you go to hell!” La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.  

Jinn Adam said they all have been working very hard to kill her and her children.  jinn Adam said to me that I am only wasting my time because they will not going to listen to me, N has been surrounding with all of us (I think jinn Adam ment that lot of jinns already surrounding N) and N has been locked to death.  Jinn Adam said that first they will kill her children then to kill N. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.  Jinn Adam said that who ever open the lock will die.  I told jinn Adam that all in the hand of Allah, when we were born and when we will die is in the hand of Allah so I told jinn Adam that what if some one is trying to kill one of your family or your children or some one who love very much, would you like that?  Jinn Adam said he does not care because he was told to do the job.  So I asked jinn Adam what the magician gave him to do the job, jinn Adam said they gave him a life.  OK then I told jinn Adam to think about it I will return to him in two days to think where he wanted to go either to heaven or to the hell fire because we all going to die so our choice to make.  Then I ended the session.

After the session, N said that she did not remember anything, she said that her mouth seems locked couldn’t talk but actually the jinn was talking to me using her mouth.  Subhanallah.  Also she said that during the session, her stomach and her chest were burning hot and in a lot of pain then her mother checked her stomach and her chest, there were burned mark on her stomach and her chest.  I assumed that was a good thing so perhaps some of the jinn were burned and die.  Wallahu ‘Alam.

On Saturday November 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM – 2nd ruqyah session was done on N

Shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an, N got possessed so I did talk to the jinn but the jinn refused to listen to me and did not want to take syahada so I remember the jinn Adam the one I gave the jinn name on the first session so I called jinn Adam.  Jinn Adam also did not want to take syahada so I asked jinn Adam what religion he is, and he said “Shaitan”  so I confirm with him that he worship the shaitan and he said yes.  Jinn Adam said:

“you talk to much!”

“We don’t want to leave, we worked so hard already to kill her and her family.  First to kill her children then to kill her.”

“She is already trapped surrounding with all of us!”

“You just wasting my time!”

“Who ever open her lock will die”

I told jinn Adam to call his boss to talk to me.  Then jinn Adam said his boss said “You go to hell!”

Before I end the session, I told jinn Adam to think it over because if he continues listening to the magician after I came to him, if he dies he will go to hell fire so I told him to think about it, I will be back next session.

I told N’s mother that next session to peel one garlic for me and I will tell her what to do with the garlic.

On Monday November 21, 2022 at 6:30 AM – 3rd ruqyah session was done on N

During this third session, N’s mother L and N’s auntie F were with her.  According to her aunt F, F often doing ruqyah on N by reciting verses of Qur’an but N has never gotten possessed.  Subhanallah shortly after I recited verses of Qur’an, N started to get possessed and I started to communicate with jinn Adam.  Because during this session jinn Adam still did not want to take syahada and to leave, he did say the same things as he did in the previous session which said I was ugly, I talk to much, etc., so I told N’s mother to get ready with the garlic.  I told her to cut the garlic into two or three pieces, I told N’s mother to use the garlic to rub N’s neck like to cut her neck using the garlic to kill the jinn while I was reciting the last two ayats of Al-Baqarah, and I told N’s aunt to put one piece of garlic in N’s mouth, and also to use the garlic to rub behind N’s ears while I continued reciting last two ayats of Al-Baqarah.  I also heard that N’s aunt was also reciting the last two ayats of Al-Baqarah.  After a while, I told them to stop, that’s enough.  Then I asked jinn Adam how many of his friends who died, jinn Adam said he was sad two of his friends died.  Alhamdulillah so I told jinn Adam to think it over again because I don’t want to kill him too, so let’s talk to me next session and leave N’s body.  I told jinn Adam to tell the rest of the jinn inside N to leave because if I don’t have any choice biiznillah I will kill them all.

Alhamdulillah N’s aunt F was with N and N’s mother the entire session so F very much got the idea how I do ruqyah and how I communicate with the jinn.  I consider F as a pious person, MasyaAllah, just like me, she teaches Qur’an very much all of her life, so I think insyaAllah she can be a good raqi, she just needed to be guided a little.  I remembered that I have mailed F copies of the recitation of my ruqyah more than five years ago so I told F that next session for F to do the ruqyah while I am also on the video call but she said that she needed more time to see how I do it again.

I told F that I do communicate with the jinn is my way to convince the jinn to take the syahada and to leave the patient’s body so don’t pay to much attention of what the jinn said because we are not to believe what the jinn said, it’s just my way doing ruqyah so I am not forcing the jinn to leave or threatening the jinn, also since I don’t know how to see jinn or knowing the presence of jinn, my way is convincing the jinn to leave voluntarily and also about the garlic, I do use garlic sometime as stated above, subhanallah there were two jinns died by rubbing the garlic on the patient’s neck.  But I told F not to share with other people about garlic and or about me communicate with the jinn, because some people may think that what I do is bid’ah.  “bidʿah, in Islam, any innovation that has no roots in the traditional practice (Sunnah) of the Muslim community.” re: https://www.britannica.com › … › Religious Beliefs

On Tuesday November 29, 2022 at 6:30 AM – 4th ruqyah session was done on N

Alhamdulillah shortly after I started, N got possessed so I call jinn Adam and started to communicate with jinn Adam.  I asked jinn Adam what is his boss’ name and he said that the boss jinn name was jinn Tarun but jinn Tarun did not want to talk to me jinn Adam said.  I told jinn Adam to recite syahada but jinn Adam was still reluctant to do it and said he wanted to make N’s children died first because “we have worked so hard to kill the children then to kill N”  but then jinn Adam did recite syahada followed with takbir but each time after the syahada, when I asked what color, jinn Adam said other color other white, first he said black, then other color and jinn Adam was telling us (me and F) to go to hell etc., but then F got pissed off so F started to recite many verses, and one of them that she kept on reciting over and over was الَْلهُمَّ أَجِِرْنَا مِنَ النَّار |Oh Allah,Protect me from Hell Fire. then jinn Adam agreed to recite the syahada again followed with takbir then he said he was white.  Alhamdulillah but at that time I already have to stop to prepare myself to go to work, so I told F to continue and told her what to do.

In my lunch time at work I called F and told her that she did a very good job but next time I told her to take it easy a bit not to use the threatening method but use the convincing method so the jinn insyaAllah would leave voluntarily and we can use the jinn to check if there is black magic in the patient’s body and to destroy it and to convince other jinn to leave and to take them to Mecca etc.

On Friday December 2, 2022 at 6:30 AM – 5th ruqyah session was done on N

During this fifth session, when N got possessed, I was calling jinn Adam, but then there was another jinn responded by saying “jinn Adam is not here, he is stupid, he left!”  so then I asked for his name and he said that his name was jinn Tarun.  I remembered in the last session, jinn Adam did mention about jinn Tarun.  So I asked jinn Tarun where is jinn Adam and he said he was stupid, he left and he said he did not know where he went to.  In this session F was doing excellent job in communicating with the jinn, she did not get pissed off when the jinn insulted her so she did much better compares to the first time she did.  We both, me and F tried to convince jinn Tarun to take syahada and we told jinn Tarun that jinn Adam is now in a better place, free not like jinn Tarun which is trapped in N’s body like in a jail.  After long time persuading jinn Tarun then jinn Tarun said he couldn’t do it because there was another jinn preventing him to listen to me which was jinn Duain.  But finally after more than an hour, both jinn Tarun and jinn Duain did recite their syahada.  At first jinn Duain said his color was red but then since I have to stop to get ready to go to work, I told F to continue and told her once the jinn color is white, to show the jinn the picture of N’s daughter picture and for F to recite something to make the jinn to check.  And if the jinn said there is black magic in Ns daughter, ask the jinn to destroy it an dot convince the jinn to leave from N’s daughter body.

At 2:35 PM – F wrote:

“Alkhamdulillaah tadi Toain ngomong dirinya sampe warna putih dan mau shahadah berkali kali.  Tapi waktu ditunjukin muka anak perempuannya dia tetep tdk bisa bantu krn takut sama penjaga lainya.  Waktu saya baca2 ayat N mengerang dan sampe muntah.  Karena saya lihat tangannya membiru dan pucat saya hentikan bacaan say thank you dan saya sadarkan N.”

At 3:09 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

That’s very good kalau N muntah2 itu salah satu jalan keluar nya jinn dari badan.

Jinn Toain takut itu masuk akal karena dia takut dari jinn2 yang lain nya, tidak apa2, nanti kalau kita ngeruqyah lagi kita bisa pujuk terus sampai dia yakin bener2 Allah akan memprotect dia.

F, you did a VERY GOOD JOB!  Bahkan saya perhatikan tadi pagi you did much better job compares the first time, MasyaAllah.

Ok kita ngeruqyah lagi hari Minggu jam yang sama?  Jadi kita skip sehari supaya N tilak terlalu cape.

MasyaAllah good job.

On Saturday December 3, 2022 – ruqyah.net sent N’s aunt F a complete copies of ruqyah recitation along with a few pages of my hand written note instruction what to say and what to recite during the conversation with the jinn, i.e., if the jinn is stubborn, if the jinn refuse to syahada, what to recite when the jinn agreed to destroy the black magic etc..

On Tuesday December 6, 2022 at 11:13 AM – F wrote:

“I just got your package today.  Need your due my husband son is coma.  He is in the hospital.”

At 1:36 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

What is the reason he is in COMA?

At 2:25 PM – F wrote:

“He suffers from sleep apnea too long that damage his brain and heart.  The doctor said it is hard to cure him but they tried their best.”

At 3:31 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:

I am so sorry to hear that.

At 3:47 PM – F wrote:

جزاكلله خير

On Thursday December 8, 2022 at 7:47 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:


Di surat Al-Kahf ayat 19 toward the end of that ayat.
Suruh N banyak2 baca zikir kan ini selagi sambil liat kening nya anak nya yg perempuan diniatin untuk anak nya dengar sama N dan lembutkan hati nya
Ada yg lain juga saran untuk dia ngamalken tapi nanti deh I need to get ready to go to work now
On Friday December 9, 2022 at 8:11 AM – F wrote:
“Alkhamdulillaahi A.laa kulli haal.
Anak suami hr ini dimakamkan.”
At 8:27 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
إنالله ونيله رجعون
On Saturday December 10, 2022 at 9:02 AM – ruqyah.net called F and told her about the package I sent her and went over with the note kind of explaining her what to do with it and how to use it.  Since this past week she has been very busy with lots of visitor from her husband family regarding the her husband’s son who was in coma and passed away, so we did not do any ruqyah this past week.  InsyaAllah we will start doing ruqyah again on N on Monday December 12th.
At 9:16 AM – ruqyah.net wrote to N:
Assalamualaikum N, I just hung up the phone with Khala F, InsyaAllah will start again on Monday at 9:30 AM.

On Monday December 12, 2022 at 5:07 AM – N wrote”

“Assalamualaikum  tante h
I hope you’re  doing well.
I been  having  a breathing problem  since  yesterday  and I have a bad bronchitis  I’m  going  to see if I can go to the doctor  today. And insyaallah  i let you know  after  I get back
Khala  F no that im sick”
At 6:50 AM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Hope you feel better soon yes Khala F already texted me.
At 8:25 AM – N wrote:
“💕🙏🤲 Thank you”

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