Q & A 426 – From H & A in Stockton

On Sunday August 27, 2022, I went to A’s house in Stockton to attend the gathering.   I went there with A’s friend Y who lives in Tracy.  It was very nice gathering and I met many people whom I did not know them before.  After most of the people had left A’s house, I  saw Y was having conversation with A’s husband H then Y called me and told me what they were talking about.  I told H that I do ruqyah by reciting verses of Qur’an, the cure is strictly from Allah, I do not know anything, I do not read or diagnose anything but sometime when I do ruqyah and the patient gets possessed, I do talk to the jinn in a way of convincing the jinn to leave the patient’s body.  But if the patient is not getting possessed, based on the experience, the patient did feel better and if the problem is not severe, the patient even gets cured.  So I told H that since I was still at their house, let’s do it now, and if A is not getting possessed, I briefly told H about my former patient SS who lives in New York, who is very sensitive and willing to help me to be the mediator if I needed her help.  Before I started I called sister SS and told her that I might call her later if I needed to and she said OK.  I told both H and A to take wudu then I started the ruqyah on both.  Since it was already around 6:30 PM in California and after I recited about one-half of what I usually recite and I did not see any obvious reactions for either one of them, I called sister SS.

First we did A with sister SS.  Shortly after I recited, sister SS got possessed, jinn Yusuf talked to me and said he was sent and has been in A’s body five (5) years.  Actually at the beginning jinn Yusuf couldn’t talk but he told me by gesture and sign language placing his hand to cover sister SS’s mouse indicating that he couldn’t talk so I told him to raise both hands and make doa’ in his heart for Allah to make him able to talk to me.  Alhamdulillah jinn Yusuf did talk to me after that.  After jinn Yusuf recited syahada and takbir, I asked him if he was the leader or the boss and he said no so I told him to call the boss to talk to me.  I recited again while waiting for the boss jinn to come out.  The boss jinn refused to talk to me despite my attempt by showing him the hell fire (I recited the hell fire verse in the sura Yasiin) then with a loud voice the boss said “What do you want from me!”  I told him I am going to help him.  He then said “I don’t need your help!”  he said it with anger voice.   I patiently waiting for him to talk to me while I continued reciting then suddenly sister SS resumed conscious.  So I asked sister SS what happened.  Sister SS said that jinn L took him out.

Note:  Jinn L was one of the jinns that were in sister SS’s body before I did ruqyah on sister SS.  When I do ruqyah, I always talk to jinn is my way to encourage the jinn to leave and suggest the jinn to go to Mecca.  I also told the jinns that went to Mecca to learn Islam, to worship Allah and not to afraid to any body other than Allah.  Subhanallah, throughout the years I have sent lots of jinns to Mecca and did ruqyah many patients.  There are I think five or six of my former patients became not only sensitive, but they also can feel and kind of communicate with the jinn through their heads.  There are jinns that went to Mecca returned to the patients to help.  When I was doing ruqyah to that patient, suddenly there was jinn who said salam to me and when I asked for the jinn’s name, I remember that jinn was the one in sister SS’s body before so I asked the jinn why he returned to sister SS’s body.  The jinn said that he went to Mecca and already learned Islam, he decided to return to sister SS’s body to help sister SS and me.  So I told the jinn that I don’t need his help because all I do is just reciting verses of Qur’an and the cure is from Allah.  But the jinn said it’s OK the jinn insist on helping sister SS and me so I told the jinn everything is from Allah, and if Allah allows it is OK.  So subhanallah when I do ruqyah and the jinn in the patient’s is very stubborn and refuse to talk to me or to leave the patient’s body, the volunteer jinn always come to force the stubborn jinn to leave.  Subhanallah, even though I do speak with jinns all the time, but I don’t know how to see jinn, to feel the presence of jinn so practically what I do is just reciting Qur’an.







On Sunday August 28, 2022 at 12:16PM, ruqyah.net wrote to SS:

According to H, the house was built in 2004, was owned by 3 others owners prior of H, thus H is the 4th owner of this house.
According to the neighbor who was already there when his house was being built, all the 3 prior owners were practically became bankrupt financially in just short period of time after they moved in, and in fact the 3rd owner was the worst one couldn’t even paid the mortgage and the bank ended up forced sold the house which was bought by H.  I think if I am not mistaken, H moved in to that house in 2018.
H had two children from his first married with a Muslim Indian wife and ended up divorced because his business was very bad which resulting he had debt over 2 millions dollars.
If I am not mistaken he married A about 7 years ago, and according to H, ever since he married A, his life and his financial started to get better and better and Subhanallah he almost paid off most of his debt now and he only in debt less than 100 thousands.
H said A is much more religious than him, he practices all the requirements in Islam but his wife A does more by reading Qur’an every night even when she got back from work in the middle of the night.  She does more of extra ritual such as zikr, sunnah, active in Qur’an gathering (halaqah), so the way he was telling me his story was it seems like H was crediting his wife more for the blessing he has been through after marrying her.
Despite the 3 prior owners of the house ended up went through financial drained, his financial issue has been better in this house.
His wife did tell him that she often felt being watched by some one in their current house in many occasions but H who is familiar with this issue not surprise hearing what his wife said but then one day he himself started hearing something like foot steps etc so he went to checked everywhere and there was nothing, so he then knew that there must be something in his house, but since things is doing good with him and he, I think, based on his experiences dealing with Syech/Maulana/Ustadz/Raqi in the past in India, is not believing to any healer especially when the healer is charging lot of money.
Yesterday I was at their house because I was invited to their party, I met A twice and yesterday was the 3rd time I met her.  A found out about me so she told H.  So I stayed longer there after every body left, I told H about you.
I told H that if I do ruqyah and if the person is not possessed, InsyaAllah sister SS can help them if H is OK with it.
First H asked a few questions about sister SS (I think he is being careful based on his experience) so then when we did A and when suddenly you back conscious and you told me that jinn Lalit took care of the big bad jinn from A, H asked about it so I explained to him that Alhamdulillah there were a few jinns the one used to be were sent by the magician to sister SS, the way I did the ruqyah was always try to tell the jinn to leave the body and to go to Mecca but then sister SS became sensitive and there were few jinns voluntarily helping me and sister SS when we were dealing with a stubborn jinn, as just what we did on A, the jinn refused to talk to me and refused to leave, Subhanallah the jinn that wanted to help us always come helping and that’s exactly what happened with A’s case.
H who had heard many different stories about the healer who uses jinn in curing patients, that’s why he came up with some questions.
So I told him that Sister SS and I do not use jinn to cure, the cure strictly from Allah.  So sister SS and I DO NOT have jinn/jinns friends to cure our patients.  However biiznillah when in the process we deal with difficult jinn, some volunteers jinn would come helping us and Alhamdulillah biiznillah there have been good which is easier for us on helping patients.
I also told H that your husband is also very good now doing ruqyah by using you as the mediator.
I told H if he is interested to clean both of them, H and A, through you, we need to compensate for her time and energy, by paying $200 for the first month and $100 for the following months per person.  I told H that I would ask you if it is OK to give A’s # so he can pay directly because you don’t have zelle.
He asked how would be done?  I told him that since very difficult to arrange time and day for all of us to be together via video call, you can do it by using their pictures.
I took their pictures
H saif he prefers for me and you who do the ruqyah on them (I don’t know why) and he said he would like to know who did it on them.  So I told him actually it is not necessary to know my goal is always just to remove jinn but he said he really would like to know at least the description who had done it so he can try to be away with those people.
Sorry sister SS I wrote such a long message.
At 12:56 – SS wrote:
Uslamulakum Sister H, this is an amazing story. However, I’m not sure if the jinns were sent for him or for one of the  previous owners. I would like the pictures of his house.
I need to check every possibility. It could be that H and his family walked into something that was already there or they had problems before, and being in this house has made everything worse. Please have him send pictures of the house inside and out. Also I want to check the children. Please send pictures.
At 3:39 PM – ruqyah.net wrote:
Actually based on what he told me last night, he has been blessing by marrying A, he does not have any problem neither their relations nor his financial.
The reason I did ruqyah last night was because when I attended halaqah of A’s group, one in the group asked me about ruqyah, how I became to be a Raqi, how do you know if one needs to have ruqyah done etc.  So I told the group that I don’t know anything all I know is to read Qur’an and teach Qur’an, but if I recite and the person has something, that person may have reaction.  So I suggest everyone in that group to recite Al-Fatihah along with me then there are two peoples in that group, based on my experiences, there is something in them and one of them was A.  A then told her husband.
The interesting points are:
1.  According to the jinn last night, the one in A was sent 5 years ago.  They have been married I think 7 years.
2.  The one in H was 10 years ago.  So most likely the jinn was sent to him before he married A.
Before marrying A, his financial was very bad with lots of debt but after married with A everything going to the right direction in many ways so he is blessed marrying A.
3.  I think there is something in the house way before he moved in but it did not effecting them because they pray and read qur’an regularly, even there is a designated room for the prayer room.
About the house, it reminded of my own story with the haunted apartment in Queen, N.Y.  According to the neighbor lady that everyone who moved in to that apartment all became in bad situation in short period of time, they became divorce, lost their jobs, couldn’t pay rent etc.  Yes my husband who had a very good job and position in the Company, he lost his job 3 months after we were  in that apartment without reason, but luckily it didn’t effect me much because I could find job but as the beginner level I was not making enough money compared with my husband but despite he looked for job, no one hired him which then I suggested him to hijrah (moved out of NY) then ماشاءالله after in California our life started getting better and better.
So I believe the previous tenants at that haunted apartments were non-Muslim that’s why the haunted place destroyed them easily but Alhamdulillah even though indeed it was effecting my husband’s job but we survived due to the prayers and reading Qur’an.
What I think of doing is to recite AlBaqarah at their house and spray the AlBaqarah water everywhere in their house, but not sure yet when I can do it.
According to H last night, he was going to take pictures of the house to send it directly to you so let’s just wait and don’t do anything on them yet until H contacting you or me.
Thank you sister SS
At 4:31 PM – SS wrote:
Thank you, Sr. H

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