Q & A 430 – From N in San Francisco

“Al Salam alikum hope all is well.  N need fuqua I will give him your number.  Jazak Allah Khair.”  Sent by Khalid of Jones Masjid on Friday October 14, 2022 at 4:14 PM

On Monday October 17, 2022 at 9:30 PM – First ruqyah done on N

During the ruqyah session, N felt pressure around his head and his forehead.  Also I noticed his eyes were blinking rapidly.  InsyaAllah will do the follow up ruqyah tomorrow the same time.

After the ruqyah session was ended, N was telling me about himself.  He married and had children.  He immigrated into the U.S. thirty years ago from Yaman.  According to him, the daily prayers are his priority over his work so he always wake up for fajar prayer and always does sunnah prayers too.  After finished his fajar prayer he reads Qur’an and do the daily zikir.  But for some reason he always go back to sleep and did not go to work as what all his friends do. He is an Uber (Lyft) driver.  Every time he woke up he always said to himself that let me go back to sleep for a few more minutes but then each time he woke up, he did the same thing over and over so he always started to work around noon time.  Also when the prayer time, He turned off his phone to stop working to do the prayer first.  Unlike some of his friends who do pray their daily prayers but they don’t make it as priority to do it on time.  All his friends make twice or triple the amount what he makes everyday but according to him, subhanallah even he does not make lots of money, what he earns enough to pay for everything but he does not have a house as what his friends do.  He does sadaqah a lot and always help others who needs money.  So after hearing his story, it seems to be the same case as my former patient who was also referred by Khalid of the Jones masjid.  So I told him that his story is like the guy who was also referred to me by Khalid, I did not mention his name but then N said “yes I know, he is my friend and he is good now”  I was referring to Q & A 429 – B in San Francisco.  So Alhamdulillah I am syukur (grateful) that Allah did cured B by me doing the ruqyah on him twice, MasyaAllah.  N told me that his wife loves to listen to Dr. Sh. Haifaa Younis.

We were talking for more than an hour mostly about himself.  He said that Khalid told him my name but he said to Khalid not to call me by my name H (my name), call me sheikha which he thinks it’s more appropriate.  Then I told him that actually my real name is not H, and my Allahyarham father never called me H until he passed away, he always called me my real name which is Buthainah.  N than said “that Buthainah is good name.  I told him yes H was actually my nick name but to make a long story short, I told him that when my husband processed the paperwork for me to come to be immigrated into the U.S. in 1975, he used my nick name instead of my real name in fact my name here is became H Said Yahya but I never made a big deal out of it, it should have been my first name followed with Salim Afiff because Salim Afiff is my father’s name but instead my name became H Said Yahya, Said Yahya actually is my husband name.  O well it does not matter for me.

On Tuesday October 18, 2022 at 12:04 AM, N sent me the youtube of Dr. Sh Haifa Younis

On Tuesday October 18, 2022 at 9:30 PM – Second ruqyah done on N

Alhamdulillah before the ruqyah started, N said that he is feeling good now, no more feeling stress after the ruqyah session last night.  Alhamdulillah.  During this session, he did not feel as he did last night, his head was OK, was not feeling pressure as he did on the first session but his chest felt a bit tight.  So I told him that I am going to send him the link of “Advice to Djinn” for him to listen to it at home but not to listen to it in the car.

Subhanallah today N also told me that in the past few years, every time he reads Qur’an, he always feels tired and gets headache even though actually he loves to read Qur’an.  He reads Yasiin, Al-Mulk and one other sura which I forgot which one everyday but if he try to read other sura other than these three auras, he always feels tired and headache.  He also easily forget many things.  Around 11 o’clock today his friend asked him what happened with your forehead and his friend said that his forehead seems darker and N told his friend that nothing happened.  I told him to listen to the link at least once a week at home, do not listen to it while driving.


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