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Asalamoalaikum, I did repeat the ruqya another two times.
The aggression has increased like never before. Both my son and my
wife started kicking me left and right. This lasted for more than an hour. I was not able to record when my wife started hitting me. However please find the link of the recording of my sons behavior at https: ruqyah.net has removed this link to protect the people in the video but if I get the permission from sender to publish, I will do it//

My wife’s jinn is there, since the moment I started ruqyah recording
around 8.30pm IST and it is there with her only, even now 11.30pm IST while she is sleeping.

I did a mistake today by going to female muslim Amil. She
will hold the hand of the patient tightly for around 2 minutes for both men and women and stares in the eyes of the patient  and sprinkles water with her fingers and it is over, This has to be repeated for 3 to 4 weeks. Somehow I have a strong feeling that she treats the patient seeking the help of another jinn. Allah forgive me.

I will not go to any one like these amils again.

I do not know what to do now. Kindly suggest and help.


Salaam, How are you?Hope all is fine?

I am just married and the couple is not funtioning well mainly because my wife does not get any satsfaction as far as sex is concerned and I suspect that there is something abnormal in this because I was not like this.

I suspect that someone has uses withcraft so as to seperate my wife from me because of jealousy i suppose.I am very stressed these days and I ask a lot of dua for this problem to be solved.

My wife also refuses to do namaz and does not dress up like what had been ordered by islaam.She is very nervous also and she finds that she cannot do anyhting,that her life is upside down.

I wish to get some from from Allah by using the facility you are offering me.

Jazaakallah Khair

Brotherly Yours

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Waalaikummussalam, brother M, please read below.
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Many thanks for your help and
support.I started playing the audio from the link when my wife was
alone. She started crying within the first 3 minutes (this
is one of the signs that there is Jinn/jinns in her body)
nand was begging to switch of the audio (this is also one of the
signs because the Jinn/Jinns did not like to listen it may have been burning them
). when I refused she started hitting me with her legs. She fell down and was unconscious. During the last 5 minutes she was normal. The jinn did not
talk to me. (some Jinn is stubborn and has high tolerant but
if we keep on doing it, it may give up and starts to talk.  But I warn you that the jinn can also be violent and can harm you.  You may need some one/stong person with you who can help to prevent from hurting you
)  I played the
same today today for the third time and the same thing happened.Since my children are appearing for their final exams, I thought i would defer for a few days. Good Idea

I played the same audio today with my son. He was very violent before I could start (the reason was because even though your son did not know but the Jinn that inside
him knew so through your son, the jinn attempted to stop you from playing the audio)
and refused to listen. I used force to make him sit in the hall where ruqyah was played. He became more violent and started pleading and begging
to stop the audio. When I refused, he used all his strength to get rid of me. I had to use more force to make him listen. In the mean time the jinn came and said “Now you see my strength” and tried very hard to push me. I had tied his legs as I could not control him further with one hand (My right hand has only 40% movement because of frozen shoulder). He was crying, pleading, begging and shouting very loudly to stop the audio. My son started saying that the will never talk to me ever in his life. It was very scary. This is the reason why you need some one else with you when you do this.  Do not worry about his tactic for him to leave the house because he just want you to pity him.  Be strong and 100% believe that Allah S.W.T. will help you and what ever the outcome leave it to Allah S.W.T. regardless of what had happened, you must insist to continue listening to the audio ruqyah until all the jinn/jinns is leave their bodies, InsyaAllah) After the audio was stopped, he packed all his clothes. Now he is insisting that he wants to go to his aunts house and stay there only and would never want to return. Again, this is the jinn’s tactic.  now after you were experiencing and witnessing how strong the jinn/jinns are and their reactions, you may want to educate his aunt so when your son goes to his aunt, you and her can work together to get rid of the Jinn/Jinns.  Make sure if the jinn has agreed to leave their bodies, tell the jinn/jinns to ask forgiveness from Allah and never return to their bodies also tell the jinn/jinns that if they insisted to stay, Allah S.W.T. will put them in the hell fire. I tried convincing him. He is not listening. I only said ” I played only a few ayah of quran and made you to listen forcibly”. He replies ” Nothing will happen from this. You have tried all sort of things for the past 19 months. you
will not be benefited.”Now I have locked the house from inside. He is
watching TV.Should I send him to school tomorrow? If he is phisically able, it is up to you.  Should I continue with the same audio again tomorrow or give a gap of 2-3 days? You can do it as often as possible because the more you play it the Jinn feels like you are torturing them and if the jinn is tired/exausted
InsyaAllah they will leave.  It appeared to be the jinn/jinns in your wife and son is very persistent.

Are these signs of jinn or should I go to a psychiatrist? Definitely.  Eventhough we can not diagnose but based on your story of their reactions, and based on our experience helping people, the reaction of your wife and your son is the work of jinn.
What time would be convenient to talk to you in case  of any emergency. I will be calling from India.  Masood, we know that you are stong calling us will not resolve the problem what you did is already outstanding so keep on doing it at the same time never stop ask Allah S.W.T. to help you and your family.If possible I will record his behavior when I play the audio again and send the link.  This is great idea.
Kindly advice and

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Date: Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:13 PM
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Hello is there anyone in the bay area, California (i live 40 minutes from san francisco in the east bay ) that can perform ruqyah to remove black magic? Thank you for your
help and may Allah reward you.

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Waalaikummusssalam M, if you don’t know any Raaqi in Bangalore who can help you, you may want to do it yourself.  Make a doa and ask Allah S.W.T. to help you.  You can listen to the link in the ruqyah.net under the “prayer” there is verses of Qur’an (Click on the title verses of Qur’an in the ruqyah.net to play the recital of the verses) and the following linkgovernapps.com/temp/ruqya.mp3  Do the following before you begin:1.      have your wife and the children take a wudu (ablution)2.      Then all of you seat down facing the direction of prayer (Ka’bah)
3.      Click “verses of Qur’an” in the ruqyah.net and put up the volume4.      If you see your wife or the children have any reaction such as crying/in tears or any other reaction while listening, you may want to start asking the jinn to get out of his/her body and not to return.  5.      Make sure do not listen to the above links while driving motor vehicle or operating heavy machinery6.      You can repeat as often as you can listening to these two links
7.      Recite Ayatul Qursi out loud on them M, insyaAllah you can do it yourself just believe in it and have no doubt that Allah S.W.T. will help you and your family.Hope this helps and please keep me posted.WassalamFrom: M    ……[email protected]
Date: Fri, Mar 16, 2012 at 10:53 AM
Subject: From ruqyah.net
Salamoalaikum, My wife, son and my daughter are possesed for the past one and half years. Whatever is possesed talks to us almost every day and commits to leave in a week, but has never left. Sometimes my wife and my son at the same time. It has become very difficult to manage all of them. I have to leave my job and take care of them for the last 4 months. My son has lost 2 years of education at school. My son troubles a lot-spits at everyone, and harms himself by cutting his hand by blade or scissors and remains possesed all the time. My wife only laughs when possesed and complains of severe head ache. I hail from a small town in India. I became a victim of an Amil who has been treating them. Every time I
wanted to stop going to him, all the 3 of them used to create problems. I
started doing research since a week only and came across your site. Can a I get a Raaqi in Bangalore, India who can treat all of us? Can I myself perform Ruqyah? (I am not pious mean I do not offer salah all the 5 times in masjid and cannot verse quran fluently as maulvis) Can any one of you perform Ruqyah over phone? Please help…. Jazakallah. M

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salaam Calaykum,

Thank you for your reply.  I am based at Uk, I will look for raaqi.  Once again thanks, May Allah protect us and guide us. bye

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 Waalaikummussalam, Thank you for your email.  We are not any kind of specialist who can diagnose.  However, based on our experience doing ruqyah, what you are experiencing is an indication that there is Jinn (Jinns) in your body.  What you need to do is to find ruqyah practitioner in your area to do cleansing.  We are located in the U.S. (San Francisco).  Hope this helps.  Good luck.WassalamFrom: H.S. <@yahoo.co.uk>Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 1:09 AMSubject: From ruqyah.netTo: ruqyah.netSalam Calaykum Brother, Sister. I would like to describe what has happening when i am listening the ruqya, I am shaking my head and my head hurts a lot and my arms, my chest is very heavy and my neck is in pain. and the back at between the blades there is burning spot in between. I am very bloated and stomach hurts. please advice me, what is my symptoms. thanks I would like to know where are you based?. what else can i do. bye